Talk Radio 702 is available on both 106 FM and 92.7 FM

If you are in the greater Tshwane area, Midrand, or northern Joburg, the 106 signal is probably better for you, while 92.7 covers the greater Joburg area.

Wherever you are, take the time to check and listen, to see whether 106 or 92.7 is best for you. If your car radio is RDS enabled it will display “Talk 702” and will automatically choose the best signal.

In parts of the country, night-time medium wave listeners may be able to hear the programmes shared with 567 CapeTalk by tuning to 567 medium wave. This coverage is limited.


You can listen to 702 via the Internet,
no matter where you are in the world!

NB: Those listening using anything lower than Windows Media player version 7 will experience difficulties connecting (please see the "What you need to listen" section below).

With our live audio streaming, 702 is just a few clicks away. All you need is a computer with a sound card and speakers (PC or MAC), Internet access and Windows Media Player.

You can listen on Android devices.

Windows Media Player audiostream
Flash Player audiostream
Click the icon to listen
Click the icon to listen
You can listen to your No. 1 News and talk station on DStv audio bouquet channel 856.
What you need to listen...
Our audio is broadcast using the latest Windows Media Technologies. You will need version 7.0 (with a codec upgrade) or higher of Windows Media Player installed on your computer. If you use Windows Media Player v7 or v8, a codec upgrade should occur automatically when you connect to the stream. If this does not occur (or fails), you will need to download and install the codec pack upgrade. If you use Windows Media Player v9 or v10, no upgrade is necessary to receive the 702 stream.
Download Media Player for PC
Download Media Player codec pack for PC
Download Media Player for MAC
Help! I can't hear anything!

1. If you are having trouble connecting to the audio stream, please check that you have the correct version of Windows Media Player installed on your system. You will need version 6.4 or higher of Windows Media Player for Win95 or version 7 or higher for Win98/2000 installed on your computer.

2. Click on the "LISTEN NOW" link. There will be a slight pause while you connect to our server but then you should receive 702 loud and clear.

3. If your reception seems slow or broken, please set the buffer in Windows Media Player to 30 seconds. This should give you a clearer and uninterrupted connection.

Common Streaming Problems
No connection:
The server may be busy or down. Please try again.
Sound breaks up:
Congestion on the Internet.
Only getting static:
E-mail us, that's probably a server error.
Still having problems?
Feel free to email the webmaster and we'll do our best to help!
Using Windows Media Player with firewalls:
A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that prevents data packets from either entering or leaving a network. To control the flow of traffic, numbered ports in the firewall are either opened or closed to specific types of packets. If you have problems receiving Windows Media streams, you may need to open additional ports in your firewall. There is a tutorial available which briefly describes how Windows Media interacts with firewalls and offers suggested firewall settings.

Click here for the TUTORIAL 

To listen to Talk Radio 702 on DSTV, press the Music button and select Channel 856.

Now you can access 702 from wherever you are.
Simply dial 083 9000 702 and you can listen to Talk Radio 702 live - 24 hours a day!
NB: VAS rates apply
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