Small Business Awards
The Small Business Awards with Talk Radio 702 and Sage One.
Nedbank Business Accelerator
Pavlo Phitidis interviews the movers and shakers on the local business scene.
The Best of Early Breakfast
The highlights of the morning show.

The Best of John Robbie
The highlight of the show each day, just in case you missed it.
The John Robbie Comment
John's daily opinion on something going on in the world around us.
The Movies – with Barry Ronge
Catch the latest movie reviews with Barry Ronge.
The U.K. Report
Adam Gilchrist gives us his perspective on the big news in the United Kingdom.
The U.S. Report
John chats to Harley Carnes, a CBS Radio News anchor and correspondent, based in New York.
The Africa Report
Our Africa correspondent Jean-Jacques (JJ) Cornish brings news from the continent.
The BRICS Report
We get perspective and the latest news from fellow Brics countries Brazil, Russia, India and China.
The Weather And So Much More
Along with the weather, Simon Gear always has some quirky trivia to start your day.

The Best of Redi Tlhabi
The highlights of the Redi Tlhabi show, just in case you missed it.
Redi's Green Tip of the Day
One simple and practical solution to everyday environmental challenges.
Healthy Lifestyle Feature
Every week Redi Tlhabi’s guest in the Healthy Lifestyle Feature will offer tips and suggestions on how to live a healthier lifestyle.
Technobyte with Aki Anastasiou
Aki Anastasiou discusses the latest developments in the field of technology.

The Naked Scientist
Chris Smith is a medical doctor and scientist, employed as a specialist registrar and clinical lecturer in virology at Cambridge University. He is also the founder and driving force behind The Naked Scientist.
The Week That Wasn't
Hosted by Nik Rabinowitz this classic comedy slot is a must-listen to end the week with a good laugh.
Talking Sex
Improve your sex life and bridge the divide with your partner and deal with relevant sexual issues of the day.

The Midday Report
Stephen Grootes focuses on national and international news and current affairs issues during the Midday Report.
The Best of Jenny Crwys-Williams
The highlights of the Jenny Crwys-Williams show, just in case you missed it.
Jenny's Tuesday Interview
Jenny Crwys-Williams' weekly face-to-face interview with an interesting celebrity or icon.
Jenny's Book Show
Listen to the highlights of Jenny's weekly Book Show.
The Ad Feature
Advertising critic Andy Rice takes a fresh look at the world of advertising each week.

Best of Xolani Gwala
The highlights of Xolani Gwala show, just in case you missed it.

The Money Show
702 Business Editor Bruce Whitfield wraps up the day's business news.
The Africa Business Report with Victor Kgomoeswana
Victor Kgomoeswana gives an update on current business issues in Africa.

Join Udo Carelse as he unpacks all the sport happening in 702 Land.
The Best of Talk at Nine
The highlights of the late-night show with Aubrey Masango.
The Best of Weekend Breakfast with Africa Melane
Enjoy the fun interviews and weekend discussions on what's happening with the Best of Weekend Breakfast with Africa Melane.
Weekend Breakfast: Gardening
Get your weekly updates on gardening tips.
Weekend Breakfast: Pets
Get the latest pet care advice from the experts.
Weekend Breakfast: DIY
Africa talks to Reuben the Screwman, who tries to solve all your DIY disasters.
Errol's Health Feature
Get your Saturday off to a great start with some early morning chat.
Environmental Feature
Download the latest environmental tips.

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