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Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph
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Oos Wes. Tuis Bes. #I'mStaying

Oos Wes. Tuis Bes. #I'mStaying

11 October 2019 12:11 PM

New social media movement #ImStaying has been growing exponentially with South Africans from every background and ethnicity, who choose to stay and not go abroad for greener pastures!

Carl Wastie and Zoe Brown found out why you choose to stay and what makes South Africa completely unique from any other country in the world!

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Bizboost - Tali's Homemade

31 July 2020 5:03 PM

The Flash Drive’s Carl Wastie has made it his mission to uplift businesses using his platform, creativity and influence!

In this clip, he profiles Tali's Homemade, a small business that makes preservative & artificial colouring free jams.

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BizBoost - Savvy Greens

31 July 2020 4:06 PM

The Flash Drive’s Carl Wastie has made it his mission to uplift businesses using his platform, creativity and influence!

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'Grateful Giving' with Nadia and Nawal Jaftha

31 July 2020 3:58 PM

South African's have been hard hit by the covid-19 with many feeling the financial pinch of lockdown. 

Nadia Jaftha and her mother Nawal launched an initiative called 'Grateful Giving' where they hand out food items and other necessities to help those in need. 

The mother and daughter joined The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie to speak about their community project. 

"We go out once a month and give out to the community where we can," explains Nadia. 

Nawal says that the idea for the NGO was borne when she realised that if she's affected by lockdown, what about those who do not have an income. 

She then rallied friends and family to help out. 

"I said to my friends and family that we have got to do something where we know where the food is going, who is getting the food, physically giving it to them yourselves, and it's not landing in places where you didn't expect it" 

'Grateful Giving' is appealing to the public to help out. If you'd like to get involved or learn more, you can DM Nawal Jaftha on Instagram here, or send an email to



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Craig Lucas and Robin Pieters 'An Ode to Women'

30 July 2020 4:46 PM

Craig Lucas and Robin Pieters honour women in digital tribute concert entitled, 'An Ode to Women'. 

The duo speak to The Flash Drive about the upcoming show and their special guest star.

Book your tickets now: 

"Robin and Craig unveil the wounds with a special guest. They take this opportunity to celebrate the strength of women, they honour HER beauty, HER tenacity, HER courage and HER strength. They want to acknowledge HER ROLE, RELEVANCE AND IMPORTANCE in the journey of life."

The show is brought to you by Brukman Consulting and Penny Lane Studios.

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