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World’s first birth control for men, an injection to the groin, coming soon

World’s first birth control for men, an injection to the groin, coming soon

27 November 2019 8:24 AM

Scientists in India have successfully completed clinical trials for a male contraceptive - the first alternative to sterilization via a vasectomy.

The drug is injected into men's groin area under local anaesthesia and lasts for 13 years, after which it loses its potency.

Male contraceptives have made it to clinical trials a few times in the US and UK but have either failed or been called off because the side effects - similar to those women experience while on birth control - were deemed unbearable for the men.

Dr RS Sharma, the Senior Scientist who has been spearheading the project reported that 303 candidates were recruited for the trialswith a 97.3% success rate and no reported side-effects.


Darren Simpson of Kfm Mornings asked male listeners if they would endure a shot in the groin to prevent pregnancy.

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