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What's happening at the Courthouse? Child maintenance, furniture theft and half a joint

What's happening at the Courthouse? Child maintenance, furniture theft and half a joint

16 January 2020 8:47 AM

Every week, Rameez Khan of Kfm Mornings makes his way to courthouses across Cape Town to hear their stories. This week, Rameez made his way to Cape Town CBD and Mitchells Plain Magistrates' Court.

The first person that Rameez chats to explains that his friend was previously convicted after being caught with half a joint. As a result, he has a criminal record and has since struggled to find a job. They are at court to appeal and clear his name.

Rameez then encounters a man looking to bail his friend out of jail. It's a bizarre story as she's been accused of stealing a table, chairs and rugs - all worth R30,000 - from a bistro. He explains that the story makes no sense as there's no way a single lady could manage to lug all those furniture items out by herself.

The last person Rameez encounters shares that she's been coming to court for almost two years to sort out maintenance from her estranged husband for her two young children. They are still married but separated when he left her for another woman when their daughter was a mere 3-months old.

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