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Tonight with Lester Kiewit
Election day

Election day

Guest : Pearl Pillay

Pearl Pillay is an activist with community experience ranging from gender equality &
environmental sustainability,currently with Youth Lab.

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26 May 2020 10:18 PM

Guest : Akhona Mashaya

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Motoring with Melinda: Renault Triber

26 May 2020 10:17 PM

Guest :  Melinda Ferguson | Motoring Jounalist|

Our regular motoring journalist Melinda Ferguson is back in the driver’s seat today and
she will give us her thoughts car industry opening up and she will review the Renault
Coronavirus and the car world
Some say the pandemic will permanently change the auto industry….

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Ramaphosa leads call for national day of prayer & religious activities resume

26 May 2020 10:13 PM

Guest : Bishop-elect Joshua Louw | Bishop-elect of Table Bay at Anglican Church |

Will churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of religious gatherings be
allowed to operate in some form soon? South Africa will find out from President Cyril
Ramaphosa on Tuesday night.
Earlier this evening, Ramaphosa lead the call for a National Day of Prayer through a
televised broadcast at 7:30pm nationwide.
During the address, the president is also expected to provide an update on provisions
for the religious sector following a meeting of the National Coronavirus Command
Council which considered the inputs made by the sector in recent consultations with
interfaith leaders.
There have been calls from some churches to declare places of worship an essential
service from lockdown level 3.
Places of worship have been closed since lockdown began on 27 March.

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Overcoming loneliness

26 May 2020 10:11 PM

Guests : Kate Solomons | internship-coordinator at TraumaClinic Foundation |
               Robyn Rosin | Clinical Psychologist|
The great irony is that as we become increasingly "connected"—on social media, video
calling, and messaging—we simultaneously feel increasingly lonely.
And even though we may use technology to feel more connected, it may be exactly
what’s leading us to feel lonely.
Though COVID-19 restrictions are easing, many people continue to feel lonely with
social distancing still in place and, for many, lockdown continuing.

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How Covid-19 will affect student housing

26 May 2020 10:07 PM

Guest : Sean Kenealy | Director at STAG African |

The phased-in return of university students to campus under Level 3 lockdown has
highlighted the need for an updated approach to student housing.
In order to provide a controlled environment where hygiene protocols and residencebased screening can be enforced, on-campus accommodation needs to limit social
interaction, without losing the vitally important aspect of community.
Moving forward, the design of student accommodation will need to account for the
certainty of similar pandemics in the future.

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Beautiful News feature: Your bravery can move mountains

25 May 2020 9:59 PM

WHICH STORY GETS YOUR PICK? Whatsapp us now with your preferred selection. Your
top suggestion will be selected as a live interview on Wednesday.

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Africa Day & its impact on the continent

25 May 2020 9:49 PM

Guest : Solly Moeng |

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Local TV series 'Melody' aims to rectify stereotypes about coloureds

25 May 2020 9:30 PM

Guest : Celeste Williams

Melody, a brand-new TV series, filmed entirely on location on the Cape flats and Cape
Town and starring local actors, has been well received on SABC 2 and will be renewed
for another season.
It is a story about a young and talented penny-whistler from Athlone who uses music as
a form of escapism from her impoverished background and abusive father. When she
gets an opportunity to audition for a music scholarship, will she stand up against her
tyrannical father and follow her dreams?

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Brand SA unites the continent with a song to honour Africa Day 2020

25 May 2020 8:58 PM

Guest : Vincent Manzini | Founder & MD at Blank Kanvas |

Happy Africa Day!

Today (Monday 25 May) marks the 57th Annual Commemoration of Africa Day, the day
when the continent made history with the founding of the Organisation of African Unity
(OAU), the precursor to the African Union (AU). The day is intended to celebrate and
acknowledge the successes of the continent in the fight against colonialism and
apartheid, as well as the progress the continent has made, while also reflecting upon
the common challenges it faces in a global environment.

To mark this important date, Brand SA collaborated with musicians , producers, DJ Loyd
& Sir Vincent to develop a song in honour of the day.

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Follow up: #EidAtHomeSA - lockdown photography project

25 May 2020 8:50 PM

Guest : Parveen Banderker

With the month of Ramadan ending, Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim festival celebrating the end
of the month of fasting, has been uniquely different to any other year. This year,
Muslims across the world experienced an Eid like never before
Traditionally, the important celebration would be spent with communal prayers in
mosques and big gatherings with family and friends, but this year it looked different
with many Muslims celebrating Eid creatively at home.
Some joined virtual gatherings or used social media (like WhatsApp) to keep connected
with extended family and friends.

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