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#FreshDeeds: Nkosinathi's funding for school has been sorted out. Thank you to Nomathemba Zulu from Forest Hill shopping centre! #FreshOn947

#FreshDeeds: Nkosinathi's funding for school has been sorted out. Thank you to Nomathemba Zulu from Forest Hill shopping centre! #FreshOn947

17 January 2020 3:48 PM

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#FreshDeeds and Liberty's #DriveHope initiative come together for Gugu

4 September 2020 5:48 PM

Hi team

I would like to nominate my friend and colleague Gugu from Ratanda, Heidelberg. She has been diagnosed with CIN1 and if it is not removed, it could cause cancer in a later stage. Of late, she has been sick and her doctor referred her a gynaecologist who advised that it would be best for her to have the LEEP procedure done for the CIN1 to be removed since all of her test results came back unsatisfactory.

The procedure will be done in November. In the meantime, the gynaecologist prescribed injections for her she has to take every month, which cost her almost R900.00 plus she needs to have R5000.00 on top of her medical aid for the procedure in November. We have managed to raise R2000.00. She tried going to the government hospital, but they told her that this is not an emergency, she will have to wait for the lock-down period to be over. It breaks my heart having to see her coming to work every day in pain.

We work for a small debt collecting company and her salary is not enough for her to survive on and pay her medical bills.

Any help will be appreciated.

Kind Regards, Mbali Thusi.

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#FreshOn947: An incredibly touching edition of #FreshDeeds with Bokang and the Dis-Chem Foundation ❤️

21 August 2020 7:55 AM

Hi DJ Fresh and team

Today is my nephew’s birthday (07 August). He’s a CP (Cerebral Palsy) child, he’s had numerous complications since birth and was in and out of hospital since 2016 which finally led to brain damage.

He’s turning 4 today and is a happy chap. My sister has been through a lot since the birth of Bokang and has been nothing but a loving mother to her son.

Our biggest challenge at the moment is that Bokang is growing bigger each day and it’s become very difficult to move him around; and getting diapers that fit him has become a problem lately.

Fresh. Will you please, please assist my sister with getting Bokang a wheelchair. She’s starting to have back pains due to carrying Boki around.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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#FreshDeeds: Lawrence needed the team's help and Honeycomb BEE Ratings and #FreshOn947 came through for his family ❤️ #FreshOn947 @FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach

21 July 2020 1:59 PM

📲Contact us during the show #FreshOn947🎙️ | Monday - Friday | 15:00 - 19:00. Download the 947 App | WhatsApp 073 579 3445 | SMS 32 947 | 011 - 883 8947☎️ @FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach

Hi team name is Lawrence and I will like to nominate me and my family. I am 28 years old & I was working at a school as a volunteer to assist in the office. I was laid off due to this pandemic. My family and I were surviving with this SGB cash from the school but since March, it’s been hard, especially when you have children looking at you for something to eat, and a newborn on its way. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to be telling your kids that everything will be OK, on top of that my fiance gave birth to a baby girl on 09 July. We are forced to balance things for the newborn and feeding those at home. I am scared Fresh but I try to go out and help out whoever is looking for help to be able to bring something at the house. All I am asking for is that little help for my family. Believe me, a little is all we need just to make it. I know and believe as a man I will bounce back but for now, I need help.

Honeycomb BEE Ratings is a Top Award-Winning, SANAS Accredited, BEE Verification Agency. Honeycomb Cares about the upliftment, empowerment and transformation of all South Africans. Contact Honeycomb for a successful BEE Verification. 




Please let me know if you need more details.

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#FreshDeeds: Joyce nominates Ayanda, who lost her breadwinner brother and could really do with some groceries to lighten the load #FreshOn947 @FreshOn947 @DJFreshSA @MantsoePout @Shannon_Leibach

15 July 2020 11:19 AM

Covid-19 has brought with it a lot of hardship and it’s in difficult times like these that good deeds – #FreshDeeds – are needed the most. Honeycomb BEE Ratings and Fresh Deeds want to lighten the lockdown load for families across the city with R2,000 in cash❤️

R2,000 can go long way for a person or family that’s struggling right now, and YOU can be the reason they get it. So, if you know someone that needs help to get through these trying times, go to the Fresh Deeds page to nominate them.

It’s a simple act of kindness that won’t cost you a thing but will mean everything to someone else

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