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Educational feature for Youth Month

Educational feature for Youth Month

15 June 2021 10:57 PM

For tonight's Educational feature we focus on Youth Month with Dr. Rethabile Mashale Sonibare, Co-Founder and Director at Molo Mhlaba Schools on how they are implementing and providing non-profit education for young girls in Khayelitsha to access a quality iSTEAM curriculum. 

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South Africans Doing Great Things - Matthew Lani

3 December 2021 11:29 PM

For tonight's South Africans doing great things feature, to highlight World Aids Day which took place this past week on the 1st of December, we are joined by 24-year-old Matthew Lani, who although at this tender young age has had to learn to live with HIV as a result of being deliberately infected by a former partner, has instead decided to rise up with his status to educate, inform, and support men and woman from all demographics across South Africa as an HIV/AIDS prevention advocate, first year intern Clinical Psychologist, and co-founder and executive director of Greater Than Aids Afrika.

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Profile Interview - Nomsa Manaka, legendary dancer, choreographer, actress and cancer Warrior

3 December 2021 10:13 PM

For tonight's profile interview we are joined by Nomsa Manaka, legendary dancer, choreographer, actress and cancer Warrior who has now been bravely Dancing Out of Cancer. Referred to as the woman who stole Hugh Masekela's heart, Manaka is also recognised as a pioneer in being the first to introduce African dance styles to the township during the 80’s, fusing the different dances from other African countries with South Africa’s contemporary township-pantsula-jive styles in the township, making her a household name, since then, travelling the world, performing to sold-out shows, choreographing unforgettable movements and inspiring a whole new generation of dancers.

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Kwantu Feature: Africa’s first PhD in indigenous knowledge of astronomy

2 December 2021 11:16 PM

 For centuries, Africans have measured time, seasons and direction by the stars, and now the North-West University (NWU) in 219 conferred the continent's first PhD in African indigenous astronomy on Dr Motheo Koitsiwe. In our Kwantu feature we talk to Dr. Motheo Koitsiwe to talk about African indigenous astronomy.

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Crime Time: Digital Vibes scandal: The story behind the story

2 December 2021 9:55 PM

For tonight's Crime Time we are joined by investigative journalist and author, Pieter-Louis Myburgh who just won the 2021 Vodacom Journalist of the Year award in the Investigative category for his Daily Maverick Scorpio coverage of Digital Vibes for a behind the scenes scoop recap of the scandalios story behind the story of the corruption to trail former health minister Zweli Mkhize.

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In Conversation with Dr Eve: Current state of mental health of listeners

2 December 2021 9:14 PM

On “In Conversation with Dr Eve” we talk about the “current state of mental health of listeners”.

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Change your mindset feature - What is that one thing that is going to determine the success you will experience in 2022 in your business, your finances, your health, your life?

1 December 2021 11:10 PM

On Change your mindset feature, we are joined by Stanley Beckett, author and consultant at changecreator, to talk about "What is that one thing that is going to determine the success you will experience in 2022 in your business, your finances, your health, your life? It’s the same thing that has determined your current state of business, wealth, health, relationships and life. 


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Weird & Wonderful Feature: How ancient pollen can predict our future climate and what we need to do to conserve SA's rich biome

1 December 2021 10:12 PM

Ancient pollen grains found in sediment cores dating back thousands of years are helping scientists to shed light on South Africa’s past and future climates. For tonight's Weird and Wonderful feature, we are joined by Dr Lynne Quick, a palynologist, who is currently working on the development of new paleoenvironmental records in Southern Africa and Prof Jonny Peter, Head of Allergology and Clinical Immunology at the UCT Lung Institute explains how the study of both ancient and present-day pollen can help to inform future climate models and conservation efforts to protect SA’s unique biomes.

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Financial Matters: Severe Illness Insurance

1 December 2021 9:23 PM

On financial matters, we talk to Strategic Marketing Manager at Old Mutual, Karabo Ramookho, about why you need illness insurance over and above your medical aid and gap cover and that it needs to form part of your overall financial plan to protect your income.

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Love Connections: Parents experiences of trying to get access to their kids

30 November 2021 11:51 PM

Listeners share their experiences with Aubrey on the difficulties they endure when trying to get access to see or spend time with their kids.

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Why you’re having a hard time with your Millennial employees

30 November 2021 11:14 PM

More than two-thirds of young people in South Africa cannot find work, yet businesses regularly report that they can’t find the “right” person for the job. When they do hire a first-time jobseeker, these youngsters often behave in a way that makes you certain that they’re from another planet. From inappropriate dress and poor self-discipline to being on their phones and a disregard for company policies and authority – when they have this golden opportunity, why does it so often come with attitude and a lack-lustre work ethic? Sean Sharp, Executive Head of Sales at EduPower Skills Academy joins to discuss why employers are having a hard time with their Millennial employees.

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