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Aubrey Masango

Aubrey Masango is a passionate, sincere and inspirational broadcaster with a love for South Africans in all their diversity and constantly looks for conversations aimed at unlocking the humanity and potential of each individual and collective in realising their goals.

Aubrey was born in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria and was educated at St John’s College in Johannesburg. After a short stint at University, he went straight into business, rising quickly through the ranks of all the organisations he worked for, culminating in a seven-year directorship on the board of a national records management company.

In 2009, Aubrey took the brave step of moving out of the corporate world and he chose to start a retail business in his hometown of Mamelodi.

Aubrey lectures on entry-level management at various tertiary institutions and facilitates workshops on a range of topics including deep democracy and current affairs. He also gives keynote and motivational speeches on various issues such as the disciplines of success.

A versatile media personality with a fascination for the dynamics of our country and a flair for communicating this to others, Aubrey is a natural presenter, MC, facilitator, speaker and voice-over artist. For more information email Talent[at]

Follow Aubrey on Twitter: @702Aubrey.

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