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Phemelo Motene

Phemelo Motene joined 702 from an acting background and she has been exploring radio through multiple roles, including being a producer for Azania Mosaka and then The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, and as a weekend presenter.

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Q: Presenting radio isn’t easy! What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? S-p-e-a-k s-l-o-w-e-r! I have to pace myself and remember that someone else is trying to consume what I’m saying.

Q: What is your routine before the show/ how do you prep for your show? I get in VERY early – around 3am, so that I have plenty of time to get into the work space of mind and absorb what’s happened overnight. I feel like I need to be really wide awake by the time that I hit the air, if I want to wake up others. I don’t normally take sugar in my tea and coffee but on Saturdays and Sundays - I do!

Q: Your favourite interview to date? John Vlismas was a recent highlight. Interviewing comedians is always tough as you need to be part of the comedy – if you don’t catch the joke then you ARE the joke and you look like an idiot so I was nervous for that one.

Q: The dream interview you still wish for? And why? I’ve always been fascinated by Louis Farrakan and I think to interview him would be very interesting and that he would challenge my views as the interview progressed.

Q: Share one of the items on your bucket list… Hmmmm… I don’t have a clearly defined list but something that I would love to do is to go on a cooking adventure in the South of France! In general my bucket list is very simple – I don’t want stuff, I want more time with myself.

Q: What would you consider as your soulfood? Curry! All I need is an Indian mother and then my life would be complete. Indian food can sort everything out.

Q: What is your greatest weakness? Chocolate. Particularly chocolate cake but it has to be good chocolate cake – I can tell a bad cake from a mile off, and I have very high standards for chocolate cake!

Q: Your favourite possession right now? My hair! [a natural afro at the time of the interview] Everyone thinks it’s a statement but it’s not – my hair is a lot more political than I am. The hair is wash and go and that’s what I’m loving about it.

Q: Are you a big talker around the braai/dinner table or is talk something you save for the radio? I don’t get many invites for dinner! I think people assume I will talk too much but I always go in quieter, I love the sound of others talking.

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