Aubrey Masango

I was born in Mamelodi, east of Pretoria on 21 April 1973. I was educated at St Johns College in Johannesburg and later went to the University of Pretoria to study to be a teacher. I was not a good student because I never completed my degree... I was bored. I decided to go into business taking advantage of the opportunities presented by BEE. I got involved in the office furniture industry and soon became a sales manager in one of the larger manufacturing companies. Later I got appointed as Director in a national records management company and served on the board for 7 years.I learned a lot about people during this period. I decided to get out of the corporate rat-race in 2009 because I did not like the person I was becoming in the BEE scene it was pretentious and unsustainable. I started a retail wholesale business in Mamelodi in early 2010 and got involved in my fathers business (property development and provision of low income housing). I also teach and facilitate entry-level management courses for various tertiary educational institutions. Iím a motivational speaker and an avid reader. Iím very interested in esoteric wisdoms and spiritual development. I love South Africa and all its people with a passion. Iím constantly looking for ways to make the diverse peoples of our country find their common humanity, given our complicated past and interesting present.

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What did you want to be when you were little?
Bruce Lee
What soothes you?
Soulful Music.
What irks you?
Generalisations and Prejudice.
Is there a book you read that changed your life?
ĎA new earthí by Eckhart Tolle
The music you listen to most often?
Mowtown Soul , Earl Klugh, George Benson, Gospel music, Hugh Masekela
Who would you go to the ends of the earth for?
My Family
Who is your greatest source of inspiration?
The question should be what is greatest my source of inspiration...?... My desire to rise above negative circumstances.
Do you have any 'show off' coffee table books in your home?

Ever been left speechless on the air?

Who is the one person you would love to interview, but haven't yet had the pleasure?
Barack Obama., No
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