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Soulful Sundays with Kenny Maistry
10:00 - 13:00

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Soulful Sundays with Kenny Maistry
10:00 - 13:00


The Azania Mosaka Show

Azania Mosaka brings her style and charm to early afternoons.

The Azania Mosaka Show

Weekdays 1 pm - 3 pm

The Azania Mosaka Show deals mainly with contemporary lifestyle issues.

Azania also has a unique way of tackling burning issues such as university protests and has brought her own take to the ongoing discussions about higher education transformation.

Some of the features on her show include the Masterclass feature, which in line with our stated intention of opening minds, is a class given by an expert in a particular field to enlighten listeners about topics such as mastering mathematics, unpacking The Bible, a closer look at world football governing body FIFA.

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Show Podcasts

The Healthy Lifestyle Feature, with Azania Mosaka

In this healthy lifestyle feature, Azania Mosaka takes a look at the world of health and wellness.

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Aza's Car Feature

In this car feature, Azania Mosaka gets to share her passion for cars with some of 702's motorheads.

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Aza's Masterclass

Radio designed to enlighten and enthrall... and it delivers!

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Food Feature

In this food feature, Azania Mosaka explores what's cooking in the culinary world.

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Friday Profile

Every Friday, Azania Mosaka winds down the week by sharing the life stories of incredible newsmakers.

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The Best of Azania Mosaka Show

Azania Mosaka brings her style and charm to early afternoons... Catch the highlights of the Azania Mosaka show.

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Azania Mosaka hosts The Naked Scientist

Chris Smith is a medical doctor and scientist, employed as a specialist registrar and clinical lecturer in virology at Cambridge University.

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Navigating Covid-19 to Win at Work and Life

Courage is Beautiful is the latest campaign by Dove and showing care is intrinsic to the brand, celebrates the heroic acts of healthcare workers leading the front line.

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