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Who do you call in case of a fire?
Gauteng fire emergency contact number:

011 375 5911

011 458 0911

012 310 6300
012 310 6400

Who do you call to report by-law infringements in your area?
Pretoria Municipal Office:
012 358 0070

Johannesburg Municipal Department: 011 407 6812

Ekurhuleni Municipal Office:
086 054 3000


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Where Entrepreneurs go to get funding

The following is a short list of institutions that offer funding for entrepreneurs. It is not comprehensive.

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The Haka in studio

A group of Maoris were on John Robbie's show in Wellington, and did the Haka for him in studio!

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What is the flying object?

We took a call from the teaching professional at the Bryanston Country Club, Dean Nysschen. He told us that while he was going over a pupil's swing analysis video on the slow mo, he saw a disk like object shoot across the sky on the video. On normal view speed, you can not see the object fly across the screen, but when the video is slowed down, you can clearly see something shoot across the sky at great speed.

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Aston Martin

Have you pictured yourself in an Aston Martin Vantage and thought, "I ca'nt afford it?"

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Rhino Poaching

Forensics investigating the poached Rhino Carcass.

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John's letter to the Mayor of Johannesburg

John's letter to the Mayor of Johannesburg inviting him on the show to respond to the billing crisis.

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Myths vs Facts

Here are a few myths and facts on lightening.

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John is helping Greenfields Primary School build a school hall. Catch all his updates here.
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Talk Radio 702 visited the Charlotte Maxeke hospital to see how they can help make the Cystic Fibrosis unit better.
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Relive the morning with prodigious breakfast host, John Robbie. Experience the moments that raised an eyebrow or two and listen to his daily comment after the 7am Eyewitness news. Keep the taste of breakfast throughout the day with "John Robbie’s Comment".
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Every morning just after 6am, John Robbie speaks to SABC TV weatherman Simon Gear. Apart from finding out about the day's temperature and forecast for the Joburg area and weather for travellers, Simon usually has an interesting piece of weather trivia.
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Every Friday Barry Ronge - South Africa's most acclaimed entertainment guru and critic - takes a few minutes to discuss the latest Hollywood gossip and review new releases on the film circuit.
Adam Gilchrist crosses to John Robbie at around 7:50am in the morning drive show to give us his perspective on the big news in the United Kingdom, including both serious news issues and some of the more lighthearted issues that have hit the well renowned British tabloids. Get the podcast
At around 8:15 am each weekday morning, John Robbie speaks to 702's Africa correspondent Jean Jacques (JJ) Cornish. Each day JJ gives John a round up of the most important news stories happening on the African continent, as well as a couple more quirky or human interest stories. JJ is a veteran African watcher, having travelled widely in Africa and writes for a number of local and overseas publications about African and diplomatic affairs. Get the podcast
John Robbie crosses to Harley Carnes at around 6:50am every morning for the US report. Harley Carnes is a CBS Radio News anchor and correspondent, based in New York, and is heard nationally on 600 plus radio stations. He has been broadcasting in New York City for more than twenty years, in a career spanning more than thirty-five years. He's been with WABC, ABC Network, WCBS and now the CBS Radio Net. His hobby is flying aerobatic aircraft.
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