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TECHNOBYTE for 18 July 2014
On Technobyte today Google dedicates its Doodle to Nelson Mandela and we look at some food gardening apps.
Nelson Mandela's 96th Birthday

Google Doodler Katy Wu tells us a little bit about the creative process behind making the Nelson Mandela doodle.
Getting to celebrate someone as monumental and influential as Nelson Mandela must have been exciting, but also kind of intimidating. Can you tell me a little about your experience working on this project?

A few months ago I was looking to work on a bigger project and the time was right, so I got assigned to work on the Mandela doodle. At first I thought I would have to make a very serious, sombre sort of doodle and I wasn’t sure what to do.
But after learning more about Mandela as a person I started to understand that he was a man with a lot of character, and not always just a serious figure. That started to give me more ideas about how to approach this doodle.
I read about Nelson Mandela online and in books to get a better idea of who he was as a person. I also received a lot of help from our local doodle manager in South Africa when it came to fact checking smaller lesser known details about South African culture, history, and people.

10 Great Android Apps for Helping You Develop Your Garden
There are many ways you can go about maintaining your garden with traditional methods. However, why not use technology to help you plan and manage your garden, and simplify your garden chores? There are a variety of apps that are available today that can help you keep the most beautiful gardens thriving. Whether you need an informative “how-to,” a journal to keep your progress or a timer to help you keep track of your planting needs there is now an app available to assist you.

Sustainable Ideas for Small-Scale Vegetable Growing

TECHNOBYTE for 11 July 2014
On Technobyte today we look at how to back up and store your data safely with the WD My Cloud, we review the HTC One M8 and the Apple App store turns 6.

We are creating huge amounts of digital content on our phones, tablets, and computers but are we storing safely if at all. We know how traumatic it can be if your device is stolen and you lose photographs for example that you can never get back. The WD My Cloud EX2 allows you to keep all your content in one safe place on your home or office network instead of a remote server. No mysterious location of your data. No monthly fees. No limits. A powerful dashboard means your system is always under your control. Monitor your drives, manage users and utilize energy-saving features. Email and mobile alerts keep you informed on My Cloud EX2 status. You can also simply attach a compatible USB hard drive directly to one of the two USB 3.0 expansion ports on My Cloud EX2 and instantly expand your storage capacity.

This week I have been playing with one the most beautifully designed phones in the market at the moment. The rounded edges and aluminium casing give you a beautiful feel in your hands. The HTC One M8 has 5-inch 1080p screen with all the top specs you would expect on a high end Android smartphone. It has all the bells and whistles. What differentiates this device from other Android phones is the HTC Sense UI which I personally find easier to use and the sound quality on this phone is really good. Overall the HTC One M8 is without doubt in the top three of the best smartphones in the market right now.

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the App Store, which first debuted on July 10, 2008 in an iTunes update. App Store access came to original iPhone and the new iPhone 3G the next day with the July 11 introduction of iOS 2.0. Since its introduction, the App Store has grown by leaps and bounds. As of June 2014, the App Store had seen 75 billion total app downloads, a massive number compared to the 1 billion apps downloaded milestone Apple hit in 2009. Apple is seeing 300 million visitors to the App Store per week. To date, Apple has paid out more than $15 billion to app developers, and in 2013, App Store sales topped $10 billion. According to app tracking site AppShopper, 1.7 million total apps have been approved, with 1,188,063 apps available for download. One million of those are iPhone apps, while nearly 600,000 are for the iPad. In celebration of Apple's sixth App Store anniversary, several developers are offering steep discounts on popular apps.

TECHNOBYTE for 04 July 2014
On Technobyte Internet experts are concerned about the future of the Internet and we review the Blackberry Z3 and the Alcatel One Touch Alpha

Experts say liberty online is challenged by nation-state crackdowns, surveillance, and pressures of commercialization of the Internet. As Internet experts look to the future of the Web, they have a number of concerns. This is not to say they are pessimistic: The majority of respondents to this 2014 Future of the Internet canvassing say they hope that by 2025 there will not be significant changes for the worse and hindrances to the ways in which people get and share content online today. And they said they expect that technology innovation will continue to afford more new opportunities for people to connect. Still, some express wide levels of concern that this yearning for an open Internet will be challenged by trends that could sharply disrupt the way the Internet works for many users today as a source of largely unfettered content flows.
The Net Threats These Experts Fear

1. Actions by nation-states to maintain security and political control will lead to more blocking, filtering, segmentation, and balkanization of the Internet.
2. Trust will evaporate in the wake of revelations about government and corporate surveillance and likely greater surveillance in the future.
3. Commercial pressures affecting everything from Internet architecture to the flow of information will endanger the open structure of online life.

Alcatel have launched ONETOUCH IDOL ALPHA in South Africa. The first thing you notice when you hold this device is how elegant it is. It is beautifully styled with rounded aluminium edges and a seamless mirror-like screen. The IDOL ALPHA has 4.7” high definition screen and is 7.5 mm thick and has a 13MP camera. Battery life was impressive and overall the Alcatel Idol Alpha is a very mid-range priced phone. The only limitation to this phone is the memory. It does not have an SD card slot so users are limited to 16GB of on-board storage.

Blackberry also launched a phone this week. The Z3 has a 5” inch screen with a 5MP camera and weighs just 164g. The device itself is solid with an impressive built quality and features a great battery. Blackberry has made it easier for users to port across from an Android platform. With software users can simply now add their Android apps and use them directly from the Blackberry Z3. At R2999 this phone is great value for money and will be available from Vodacom in the second half off July.

TECHNOBYTE for 27 June 2014
On Technobyte a new mobile money solution is launched, Huawei’s P7 arrives and a South African designed smartphone debuts.

Pick n Pay and MTN announced a new partnership which will bring free money transfers and simple, low-cost banking to millions of South African consumers, benefiting particularly those who are currently excluded from the formal banking system. By signing up to a new Pick n Pay SIM card, powered by MTN, and registering for Mobile Money customers will be able to access their accounts easily, conveniently, securely and cheaply from their mobile phones. The new SIM card will also reward customers with an additional 10% airtime when they top-up at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores e.g. purchase R80 MTN airtime at any PnP or Boxer store and automatically receive R88 when loaded onto the NEW SIM card.
With the introduction of free money transfers (free deposits and withdrawals in store), and the launch of the Visa Mobile Money Debit Card , Pick n Pay and MTN are giving Mobile Money customers even greater value. Customers can also use their accounts to pay municipal bills, purchase prepaid electricity and airtime. Salaries can be deposited into the account, and there is no minimum balance requirement.

Huawei have launched their latest premium smartphone called the Ascend P7. The latest device which follows the P6 is packed with the latest specs including a quad core processor and LTE connectivity. It is just 6.5mm thick and weighs just 124g. The phone has a 8MP front facing camera to take really good quality selfies and a 13MP camera at the back. The phone is well built and has a sleek finish with a glass back making it stylish. It goes on sale next week for R6699 or on contract.

Afrihost launched a really good deal which has been getting snapped up really quickly. A phone called the Zest T1 which is an Android smartphone with great specs considering the price. So this phone is being offered for just R1999 and includes 1GB of data monthly for 12 months and it is a dual sim phone! Here is the interesting part. The phone was designed by 22 year old South African David Lindeque who is a student at the University of Cape Town. He basically designed the phone, sourced the parts and ordered the manufacturing to take place in the east.

TECHNOBYTE for 20 June 2014
On Technobyte today is Apple’s “iWatch” about to become a reality and we talk to Twitter founder Biz Stone about his new book.

According to Reuters Apple will introduce a smartwatch with a display that likely measures 2.5 inches diagonally and is slightly rectangular, one of the sources said. The source added that the watch face will protrude slightly from the band, creating an arched shape, and will feature a touch interface and wireless charging capabilities.
Apple's move will follow on the heels of releases of similar devices by Samsung, Sony Corp, Motorola and LG Electronics Inc - gadgets that tech watchers say haven't been appealing or user-friendly enough to ignite a wave of mass adoption.
But the market is growing fast, with data firm IDC saying that worldwide shipments of wearable computing devices - a category that includes smartwatches - will triple in size this year over 2013.

From GQ's "Nerd of the Year" to one of Time's most influential people in the world, Biz Stone represents different things to different people. But he is known to all as the creative, effervescent, funny, charmingly positive and remarkably savvy co-founder of Twitter-the social media platform that singlehandedly changed the way the world works. Now, Biz tells fascinating, pivotal, and personal stories from his early life and his careers at Google and Twitter, sharing his knowledge about the nature and importance of ingenuity today. In Biz's world:
-Opportunity can be manufactured
-Great work comes from abandoning a linear way of thinking
-Creativity never runs out
-Asking questions is free
-Empathy is core to personal and global success

In this book, Biz also addresses failure, the value of vulnerability, ambition, and corporate culture. Whether seeking behind-the-scenes stories, advice, or wisdom and principles from one of the most successful businessmen of the new century, THINGS A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME will satisfy every reader.

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