Join Leigh Bennie as she hosts various experts as they give us a word on various topics, including legal matters, cars, medical matters, finance and psychology. For advice on any of these issues, phone (011) 883 0702 between 8pm and 9pm, Monday to Friday - or click here to e-mail Leigh.

Topical legal issues are dealt with, humorously, and in plain English. Most shows feature a specialist guest in addition to a full hour open line for questions on any legal issues. Regular listeners will gain a good practical knowledge of most areas of the law which are covered during the year. The show addresses the need of ordinary South Africans to achieve empowerment through the exercise of their legal rights as enshrined in the South African Constitution.

The show answers questions on health and diseases. Each show is systematically structured:
- Each show has a different topic selected by Harry and the producer.
- Harry is joined in studio by a guest who is an expert on the topic.
- Relevant support groups or community organisations participate telephonically.
- The topic is followed by an open line.
- The information provided is designed to help not provoke controversy or confrontation.
- The information is provided on science. We do not discuss alternative health.

About Harry Seftel:
Prof Harry Seftel spent more than 50 years as a student, clinician, teacher, researcher and administrator in the Department of Medicine, Wits University. His many awards and distinctions included three professorships (Medicine, African Diseases, and Clinical Research), authorship of over 2000 publications in a variety of medical areas and an honoury LLD (Doctor of Laws).

The finanical services industry is a complex and technical world. When it comes to "Personal Finance", it can easily lead to confusion which, in turn, results in people making inappropriate decisions. "A Word on Personal Finance" is aimed at informing and educating people about their personal financial affairs. The topics covered are wide and varied in an attempt to reach the interests of everyone. This is your show and Paul welcomes your questions and will always endeavour to answer them simply, steering away from the financial jargon, so that you get a better understanding of your personal finances. The show includes A Word on Small Business - ideal for people who want to start or who already own a small business.

About Paul Roelofse:
Paul Roelofse is an independent Certified Fiancial Planner (licensee) with over 20 years experience in the industry. He has built his practice on the approach that, sound financial advice does not only rest on the qualifications and experience but as importantly it's about people and their understanding of money matters.

Contact details:
e-mail: roelofse@netactive.co.za
Website: www.investforlife.co.za
This show is about you and your life and how you cope with it. Topics range from anger management, coping with grief and loss, divorce, relationship issues, depression, transformational experiences, stress, management, addictions, abuse, sexuality and a host of others. Listeners call in for direction, support or advice or just to share stories and experiences around issues with which they are dealing or events that have affected them. The show is hosted by various experts in the field.

Regular numbers used:
Depression and Anxiety Support Group
Tel: (011) 783 1474 / 0800 567 567

Life Line
Tel: (011) 728 1347 / 0861 322 322

Family Life Centre
Tel: (011) 715 2024

Sagie and Adam are two motor mechanics with workshops in Johannesburg. Each week they chat about different issues affecting everyone who owns a car or takes a taxi! Every week between 20h00 and 20h30 they allow you to call in with the model, mileage and make of your car, and they then give you a car value. The lines are always open for people to call in and ask about problems they have with their cars.

About Sagie Moodley:

As a boy Sagie Moodley was passionate about cars and motorbikes. He joined Mercedes Benz sixteen years ago as an apprentice, less than two years after that he qualified as a mechanic. He came to Joburg from Durban and worked for Cargo Motors but decided he wanted his own business. Twelve years ago he did exactly that and called his company Sagie's Auto Performance. His business is situated in Midrand. Sagie loves fast cars and wild women.

About Adam Ford:
Born in the UK in the early '60s. Always had an interest in cars and mechanical things, like most boys I suppose. Completed my education at Dale College in King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape. Attempted to be a salesman but eventually joined motor industry in early '80s. Started my own business in 1986, servicing and repairing cars. Still can be found with my head under a bonnet and getting my hands dirty. Did some late night radio on 702 as "Honest Mac", progressed to Friday eve to co-host "A Word on Cars" and as they say, the rest is history.

Contact details:|
Adam Ford: (011) 887 7102
Sagie Moodley: (011) 315 1363

Regular numbers used:
Motor Industry Ombudsman - send complaint in writing:
Coen Gouwes
Tel: 012 841 2913
Fax: 086 630 6144
Private bag X025, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040

NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturer's of South Africa)
Tel: (012) 323 2980
Fax: (012) 326 3232

RMI (Retail Motor Industry Organisation)
Tel: (011) 789 2542
Fax: (011) 789 9121

Breakdowns: 0800 010 101
Membership: (011) 799 1001


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