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Google awards 16-year-old South African girl R700 000 for her invention

29 September 2016 8:15 PM

The former “Money Show Kidpreneur” won the grand prize at Google’s science fair for her “fighting drought with fruit" submission.

Kiara is special. She’s a perfectionist. She averages in the 90s for every subject.

Sal Naidoo (Kiara Nirghin's science teacher)

A 16-year-old girl from Johannesburg has won the grand prize at Google's science fair for inventing a cheap, ultra-absorbent material – made of orange peel - to enhance soil’s ability to retain water.

Kiara Nirghin, competing with entrants from every corner of the globe, won $50 000 (about R700 000).

Nirghin is a former The Money Show Kidpreneur.

Bruce Whitfield interviewed Nirghin’s science teacher Sal Naidoo.

Whitfield provides detail in the audio below (scroll down even further for the interview of Naidoo).

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29 September 2016 8:15 PM