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Blesserfinder: Matching you with a sugar daddy near you

4 April 2016 5:10 PM

Is social trend Blesserfinder, where girls are allegedly matching up with rich 'benefactors' in exchange for sex, a real thing?

702's Xolani Gwala spoke of a new social media trend called 'Blesserfinder', social media platforms where girls are allegedly matched with rich 'benefactors' in exchange for sex.

The trend apparently started on social media, where unemployed women were posting about their expensive lifestyles, claiming they had been 'blessed' . This apparently lead to users on these platforms asking the girls who their 'blessers' were.

Is this just a harmless phenomenon, or something more?

This talker ignited a massive reaction from listeners, some hearing about it for the first time and expressing their shock at this phenomenon.

Listen to the conversation Xolani Gwala had with more listeners responding to this issue.

Listen to a conversation Azania had earlier about the levels of blessers in relationships.

4 April 2016 5:10 PM