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Hope Zinde's death highlights broken homes due to drug abuse amongst SA's youth

13 June 2016 11:36 AM

Callers lament the devastating effects that drug abuse has in their lives.

The death of former SABC board member, Hope Zinde, has sparked a conversation about eradicating the scourge of drug abuse amongst South African youth.

The veteran journalist's son was arrested after her body was found in the boot of her car over the weekend.

702/Cape Talk's Redi Tlhabi, who described the suffering of families affected by drug use as 'private hell in your home', gave listeners an opportunity to share their thoughts on the problem.

Listen to the conversation below:

I am shattered....She was overprotective over her son, but eventually this is what has happened. I am sad to lose someone like Hope.

Baba Mthethwa, SuperSport broadcaster

You know, many drug solutions have been brought on but we are seemingly losing the battle.

Lakhe, caller in Exala

A caller in Athlone lambasted the lack of stringent sentences against drug dealers, who he said are responsible for the killing, abuse and rape of parents in various homes across Athlone.

The Cape Flats is filled with news like this on a daily basis. Our law is very lenient to drug dealers. The law needs to deal with drug dealers severely.

Ishmael, caller in Athlone

13 June 2016 11:36 AM