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When does copying designs become unfashionable?

9 March 2015 3:05 PM

The authenticity of a Gavin Rajah design has come into question; but the designer is (again) adamant his designs are his own.

People are prepared to pay a premium to secure beautiful garments designed by local fashion designers. But no matter how well-heeled you are, no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a knock-off... or on an outfit that looks similar to someone else's!

In 2014 Gavin Rajah was accused of copying another designer. At the time he claimed that his work was original and any similarity can and should be explained as creative similarity.

I did not copy Mr Zuhair Murad’s design, my design is my own original creation inspired by Japanese woodblock printing. The Japanese inspired theme is visible through the entire collection

Gavin Rajah in a 2014 article in The New Age

Well Rajah has had another inspiration similar to someone else. This time a dress similar to a recent design of his was worn by Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon. She wore a blue incarnation of the dress below - an original by Self Portrait.

Below is Gavin Rajah's design as seen at a recent Polo event and at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this weekend.

Below, Reese Witherspoon is seen wearing the Self Portrait dress in blue...

But is it time to a'dress the XL elephant in the dressing room?

At this stage, questions abound. Which dress came first? is there a possibly they have been conceived of seperately of each other?

Whatever the answer, Mr Rajah's fans have been quick to defend him on twitter...

Gavin Rajah insist his designs and inspirations are original.

Could it be that he always knows what will appeal, what should trend and so his designs will reflect a seasonal slant? Or do you think he has immitated designs from other creatives?

Share your thoughts below...

9 March 2015 3:05 PM