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The community of Atteridgeville wants to honour Mrs. Patricia Atteridge

18 March 2015 7:36 PM

The author of "Atteridgeville Raw History" says about 91 pensioners will be going to Mrs. Atteridge's grave to honour her.

Plans are underway to honour the founders of Atteridgeville, Myrtle Patricia Atteridge and her husband William Henry, by the community of Atteridgeville for their tireless efforts in developing their township into what it is today.

Mpho Morapane, author of "Atteridgeville Raw History" shared with 702 presenter John Robbie why the community wants to honour the couple and the plans they’ve put in place.

I don’t see any wrong in honouring a white person because today South Africa is a democratic country and we don’t discriminate against people due to their colour.

Morapane also said that Mrs. Atteridge was known as Mmabatho (mother of the people) and Mmadisopo (the soup mother) because of she alleviated poverty by feeding the school children with a very nice soup and bread.

The history of Atteridgeville

Atteridgeville was founded in 1939. It was named after Mrs. MP Atteridge, the chairperson of the City Council’s Committee for Non-European Affairs at the time. Mrs Atteridge endeavoured to improve living conditions of black people who were living in terrible conditions in Marabastad.

Atteridgeville was initially intended to be called Motsemogolo (large township). It is situated Southwest of Tshwane's (Pretoria) Central Business District and linked via Church Street.

Atteridgeville is divided into three sectors: Phomolong, Concerned and Jeffville. The City Council, at that time, bought Saulsville as an extension to Atteridgeville and defiled the plans to have it as a residential area for white people only. In 1940, 50 families from Marabastad moved to Atteridgeville.

A total of 1533 houses were built between 1940 and 1949 to accommodate people removed from Marabastad, Newclare, Bantule, Lady Selborne and Hove's Ground.

The total population of Atteridgeville is approximately 200 000. A multi-cultural community lives in this township. The residents of Atteridgeville speak diverse languages. The most commonly spoken languages are Sesotho, Isiszulu and Tsotsitaal (slang).

Atteridgeville is also a home to the "Jazz in the Park concert", a famous gathering held every year on the Day of Goodwill, 26 December, at the Ga-Mothakga Resort.

Born in Atteridgeville

Bob Mabena - A DJ for Kaya FM (picture:

Dikgang Moseneke - Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa (Picture:

Gwendoline ‘Gwen’ Malegwale Ramokgopa- Deputy Health Minister of South Africa (

Sello Maake-ka-Ncube - South African Actor (

Thomas Madigage- soccer star (

Sydney Maree - Former middle distance runner (

Lucas 'Masterpieces' Moripe - Legendary soccer player(Picture:Sowetanlive)

Kgosientso Ramokgopa - Tshwane Mayor

Listen to John Robbie's interview with Mpho Morapane and calls from Atteridgeville:

18 March 2015 7:36 PM