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Soulful Sundays with Paul Mtirara
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Record-breaking icy weather conditions reported in the US

19 December 2016 9:13 AM

An accident in Baltimore claimed the lives of two people after a 70 car pile up due to weather conditions.

Extremely cold weather conditions as low as -20 degrees have been reported across the United States over the cold winter weeks.

Residents in Chicago, Minneapolis, North Dakota, Colorado, Virginia and Baltimore have been worst affected by the snow piling up and causing congestion on the roads.

702's Bruce Whitfield spoke to US correspondent, Harley Carnes, about the matter and other big developments across the country.

We have cars and trucks driving off the road and airplanes skid off runways. It's going to get worse before it gets better as winter moves along.

Harley Carnes, US correspondent

19 December 2016 9:13 AM