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Eskom still persuing nuclear

22 December 2016 8:02 AM

Nuclear power production has been a subject of heated debate in the country as experts and government remain divided.

Eskom has released requests for information (RFI) as plans to procure nuclear power forge ahead.

Soon after his appointment as acting CEO of Eskom, Matshela Koko, shared more details on the power utility's position on the matter.

He said that going nuclear as an alternative source would stabilise South Africa's power grid as demand grows.

This is not a tender, this is not a request for bids. This is just a request for information.

Chris Yelland, EE Publishers

However, EE Publishers said the recent developments reveal a lack of efficient planning required for an issue of this magnitude.

National Treasury blocked Eskom's initial request for proposals, which saw them take a step back to issue requests for information.

702's Bruce Whitfield spoke to managing edtor at EE Publishers, Chris Yelland, about what this means for the future.

He said that it was important for Treasury to conduct a cost benefit analysis before any final pronouncements are made.

There have been a lot of poor starts to the process. But I think if we get back on track and have a consultative process, then things ca play out in a more sensible manner.

Chris Yelland, EE Publishers

Listen to the full interview for more details below:

22 December 2016 8:02 AM