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702 drive time host has made her mark on SA radio #FarewellRedi

29 June 2017 2:26 PM

Redi Tlhabi will be embarking on a new leg of her journey but we remember some moments that made a big impact.

702 host Redi Tlhabi is leaving to embark on the next phase of her journey and Thursday will be her last drive time show.

She has been offered a fellowship in the United States in 2018.

Redi has never shied away from speaking bluntly and calling people to account. Here are a few moments out of the countless times when she made a difference.

In May SACP Solly Mapaila spoke to Redi about a protest outside his home.

Tlhabi was appalled at what she termed "thuggery", saying whether you are for or against Jacob Zuma, it is unacceptable for protesters to go to someone's private home and intimidate his or her family.

"Mapaila has a three-year-old daughter and the behaviour is outrageous," said the plain-speaking host.

When the announcement that Brian Molefe was to be reinstated as Eskom CEO, she said government officials had reached an appalling level of brazenness.

It is clear that the people at the top have reached a point where they just don't give a damn... They are going to do it anyway.

Redi Tlhabi, 702's Afternoon Drive presenter

In April Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba said that he knew the country would be downgraded, as S&P Global had told him in confidence. Redi did not hesitate to call him out on misleading the nation.

When 16-year-old Matlhomola Moshoeu in Coligny died after two farmers caught him allegedly stealing sunflowers, Redi had this to say:

I think the death of the child was a catalyst to some reactions to long-held simmering tensions; things that were not addressed

Redi Tlhabi, 702's Afternoon Drive presenter

She said there are urgent conversations that need to be had about some of the neglected corners of South Africa where there are still imbalanced power relations.

Former Team SA Olympic coach and marathon winner, Thulani Sibisi called into The Redi Tlhabi Show a few weeks ago, saying he has been robbed of his home despite having all the papers to prove ownership. He has stage 3 prostate cancer.

After the call to Redi, the Ombudsman stepped in and vowed to help the struggling former SA champ.

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These are just a few of the many interventions this strong-minded talk show host has made over the years, always direct and always willing to speak truth to power.

Go well Redi as you embark on the next exciting leg of your life journey #FarewellRedi

29 June 2017 2:26 PM