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Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph
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Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph
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BCX wants to remind you that great innovation thrives in difficult times.

14 May 2020 8:37 AM
They are innovating for businesses and Government to assist in their digital transformation journey during these difficult times.

Great innovation thrives in difficult times. Our country and our lives have been disrupted and some hard choices have had to be made by our government. The fault lines in our society have shown up deeply. And many of us looked back at history for learning and guidance.

How did previous pandemics shape the world? How did previous experience of difficult times unlock innovation?

And there is solace in seeing that. And impetus in harnessing that.

The coronavirus crisis has changed everything and put us on a new path. Never have we lived it with such speed and agility.

Bringing digital transformation into pop up call centres for the NICD in 48 hours, creating track and trace technology in less than 3 weeks, impacting our society in slowing down this virus as quickly as possible in order to get back to business as quickly as possible.

And what will business look like next week? Or the week after that?

The world will never be the same again. At BCX we have been reflecting a lot on what we want to create post Covid-19. We have seen productivity levels go through the roof despite difficult working environments, and teams never having physically met new clients.

We have seen value creation redefined. Teams working through the night so that businesses can be operational during a global pandemic. And it is not just about the delivery but about the troubleshooting and the innovation that arrives during the midnight hours as hurdles after hurdles are leaped.

The way that we have turned the traditional notion of customer experience on its head as we move resiliently, and with agility to be able to green light projects, open the doors on remote call centres and tick off ‘another first for Africa’ is testament to a new spirit growing in our organisation.

We talk about re-inventing the customer experience, how we innovate solutions for how people learn, live, work. And here we are, at the forefront of creating the new normal.

Great innovations thrive in difficult times. At the heart of BCX lives the spirit of innovation.

Cover photo by Stan B on Unsplash

14 May 2020 8:37 AM