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Give our kids party packs or else

12 August 2015 9:40 AM

John spoke about a story of outrage at a mom not providing party packs at her child's party. Other listeners weigh-in on this too.

John read a listener's email telling him a story of how an American mother was left speechless when guests at her child's party took back their gifts - after finding out that she didn't have party packs for the kids! The mother said 'party packs are such a pain, who wants all that dollar store stuff. Aren't bubbles, ice cream, cakes and games enough?!'

John asked if its not possible to do away with with party packs altogether - giving a gift only to the child celebrating a birthday. Especially with parties being so expensive these days.

Other listeners weigh-in on this. Samantha saying that she has done away with party packs after realising that buying kids a nice gift they can use much better than all those sweets - the sweets end up being a bigger cost than a small gift. She said she bought the boys at the party a small watch each, which they all loved.

Debra also agreed that party packs are 'working their way out of the party scene'. She says that parents should think outside of the box and perhaps make something more meaningful to give to the guests (as a way of thanking them for attending).

Listen to the full conversation below:

12 August 2015 9:40 AM