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'Childcare on wheels' wins 2015 Small Business Award

4 September 2015 8:22 AM

702's John Robbie spoke to the 2015 Small Business Award winner, Tiffini Wissing, who is the owner of Old School Cool childcare and transportation services.

This year's Sage One & 702 Small Business Award winner endeavours to provide peace of mind to all parents by providing superior childcare and child transportation for busy parents.

The judges of the competition found Old School Cool cc to be the deserving winner of this prestigious award. Owner, Tiffini Wissing, who is very close to her staff, said they were all 'absolutely delighted' about the award.

As much as one can have an idea, without people like the ones who work for us, it's just an idea. I work with the most fabulous group of women, who are not just drivers but qualified caregivers.

Tiffini Wissing, Owner of Old School Cool and 2015 Small Business Award-winner

Old School Cool was nominated by Imogen, who said that the cars that Old School Cool uses are new. They even have cameras fitted in them so that if there is an issue it can be reviewed and acted upon.

Imogen said management and drivers at Old School Cool are super-efficient, adding that one of the drivers transporting her daughter to school bought the little girl a CD out of her salary so that they could sing along on the way to school.

Wissing said Old School Cool is looking forward to expanding the business to Pretoria in the next 12 months and thereafter, go national. They are also looking at partnerships with corporates, as perks to employees.

4 September 2015 8:22 AM

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