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'It's important to model the economic impact of minimum wage'

16 November 2015 11:28 AM

Calls for a national minimum wage should be well deliberated and based on sound evidence, says policy researcher Gilad Isaacs.

Discussions continue between government, labour and business over the implementation of a uniform minimum wage.

Minimum wage policy researcher, Gilad Isaacs said that sophisticated models are needed to measure the economic impact of the national minimum wage.

According to Isaacs, it is critical for policy makers to consider the practicalities and structuring of the minimum wage by drawing on the international experience.

Listen to the full conversation from The Redi Tlhabi Show:

It is important to look at the design element - what a minimum wage would look like in South Africa. It is an intricate piece of labour market legislation.

Gilad Isaacs, Coordinator of National Minimum Wage Research Initiative at Wits Universit

The National Minimum Wage Research initiative released a paper with global case studies were minimum wages have been implemented which showed the impact that they had on employment and inequality in those countries.

16 November 2015 11:28 AM

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