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Earn up to 11.5% interest on one of the safest investments around

16 April 2020 7:33 PM

Personal finance guru Warren Ingram on why you should consider this risk-free investment, especially if you live off interest.

Markets are toast and interest rates are plummeting.

Retirees and others who live off their investments are seeing their income dwindle fast.

The only way to keep income from their investments stable is to draw down a larger percentage, thereby eroding the capital.

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The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield asked personal finance expert Warren Ingram (Galileo Capital) what to do.

Ingram’s advice:

There are no easy solutions, warned Ingram.

You must try to balance the need to sustain your lifestyle with the need to preserve your money for as long as possible.

If you draw 10% or more from your investments you must reduce – not increase - the riskiness thereof, warned Ingram.

You can get more certainty regarding income/growth through bonds, fixed deposits and money markets while reducing your exposure to property and shares.

One good solution, reckons Ingram, is RSA Retail Savings Bonds.

Current interest rates:

  • 11.5% per year for a five-year fixed deposit

  • 9% per year for a three-year fixed deposit

  • 7.75% for a two-year fixed deposit

(Also, read: The safest investment in South Africa guarantees returns that beat inflation)

If you are over 60 years old, you can opt for a pensioner’s bond where they will pay out the interest monthly.

If you are under 60, your interest will be paid out twice a year or capitalised.

You may access your funds before the end of the fixed term, but you will pay a penalty.

It is “very, very difficult” to beat an interest rate of 11.75% per year, said Ingram.

Older people get income tax exemptions on the interest they earn, making RSA Retail Saving Bonds very compelling.

For more detail, listen to the interview in the audio below.

16 April 2020 7:33 PM

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