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I’ve never been interested in money - Cameron (11), son of Bruce Whitfield

15 September 2020 11:29 AM

"It's brilliant! The jokes are actually funny," says Cameron in his review of "Manage Your Money Like a Grownup".

Every week The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield asks a great mind to review a trending business book.

This week Whitfield interviewed Sam Beckbessinger, author of Manage Your Money like a F_cking Grownup: The Best Money Advice You Never Got.

She spoke about the “Teen Edition” of “Manage Your Money like a F*cking Grownup”.

Whitfield was sneaky – he asked Cameron, his 11-year-old son, to read and review her book – do listen to the audio (it's quite funny) right at the bottom of the article.

He is an honest boy with strong opinions. He will be 12 soon, and he and I had a chat about the book.

Bruce Whitfield, presenter - The Money Show

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The description on

You’re never too young to start saving.

“Manage Your Money Like a Grownup”, by bestselling author Sam Beckbessinger, aims to get younger readers thinking about the basics of money, laying a solid foundation in financial education that most grownups today never had.

With illustrations, jokes and fun facts designed to appeal to even the most easily bored reader, this book covers all the basics South African teenagers need to know about money, such as:

  • The relationship between earning, saving and spending;

  • How investing works;

  • Why compound interest is a superpower;

  • Why we pay taxes; and

  • The ethics of money.

Informed by discussions with real teens and their parents, this book equips readers with practical tips for earning and investing money at any age, as well as providing questions to spark lively dinner-table conversations.

I thought it was a brilliant book – it was really easy to understand. The jokes were actually funny!


I’ve never really been interested in money. I’ve tried a few books, and all of them were like, ‘This is the percentage that the gold price is going up’… I didn’t understand them at all!


I have no idea [how much his dad, Bruce Whitfield, earns] because somebody is too mean to tell me! I’m very, very, very curious to know!


I’m quite happy [with his pocket money] …


My money has just been sitting in my bank account for the past four or five years, and I’ve been doing nothing with it! You should save, but not all the time because you might starve to death!


This book has changed my entire perspective…


Listen to the interview in the audio below.

15 September 2020 11:29 AM

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