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Picked the wrong job? There's a company that pays you to quit if you're unhappy

22 October 2020 7:06 PM

'If you're happy at work it rubs off on your colleagues and clients' says Gideon Galloway, CEO of King Price Insurance.

Being miserable at work is not good for you, your fellow-employees or your employer.

But you can't be jobless, so what do you do before finding another position?

King Price Insurance has a pretty progressive policy - it pays you to leave if you find you're miserable during your first month at the company.

Bruce Whitfield finds out more from CEO Gideon Galloway.

It's true! The first day when everybody arrives I give the induction presentation and then I am eagerly awaiting somebody to take that up.

Gideon Galloway, CEO - King Price Insurance

Only one person, I think three years ago, took it up and it was R30,000 then so we upped the stakes... It's R50,000 now... On top of that we also give you your first month's salary...

Gideon Galloway, CEO - King Price Insurance

If somebody's not passionate and not a culture fit (and they will probably know that in the first week) then why hang around for three months?

Gideon Galloway, CEO - King Price Insurance
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The company must have a lot of confidence in its hiring process considering the stakes and the risk of chancers taking advantage?

He's never put it out on radio before, quips Galloway.

However, he believes it's going to cost more money to retain an employee who doesn't want to be there.

Galloway recounts how he was inspired 17 years ago by a video produced by a Seattle fish market.

These guys just start throwing fish around and they're enjoying it. They've got more customers, they make more money.

Gideon Galloway, CEO - King Price Insurance

I visited them last year, 17 years on, and they're still having fun. They gave me a shovel and I had to put ice on the fish... Back in the day I though how boring must it be to work in a fish market, and why can't insurance companies do this?

Gideon Galloway, CEO - King Price Insurance

I was in corporate then, so I did the same - we knocked down the dry walls, got a whole buzz going in the call centre and it worked! Results followed...

Gideon Galloway, CEO - King Price Insurance

Galloway says a lot of the progressive ideas King Price has incorporated come from international companies.

These include giving managers unlimited leave and creating a work space that looks "like a circus".

The company also offers office tours, which are not necessarily distracting for employees.

I guess it comes down to productivity. You can't have all this fun if you don't do things better, so if people have fun and they enjoy their work... you can hear a smile over the phone if you're talking to customers... You rub off on others and your clients...

Gideon Galloway, CEO - King Price Insurance

To hear more about King Price Insurance's company culture, take a listen:

22 October 2020 7:06 PM

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