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Business Books

How to start your own small business without much money

10 September 2019 1:43 PM

Valerie Pole started a business with R1000, turned a profit in six weeks and wrote a book about it.
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Do you ever dream of starting your own small business?

A few years ago, Bruce Whitfield ran an entrepreneurship competition on The Money Show.

The challenge?

Create a profitable business with R1000.

Valerie Pole – the winner - founded “1000 Beautiful Bracelets” and turned a profit in six weeks.

She wrote a book about it (it’s currently out of print; click here to buy a used copy).

The book inspires people… it has 77 low-cost business start-up ideas.

Valerie Pole

When you’re in a business like this, you must sell at every opportunity you get. I sold the first bracelet at my doctor’s appointment and I made the best bracelet sale with my bank manager… I also sold bracelets to the audience via Twitter when I came into the competition that night… I used almost all the social media to promote my product…

Valerie Pole

For pointers and inspiration, listen to the interview from our archives in the audio below.

Description of "1000 Beautiful Bracelets" on Amazon:

“1000 Beautiful Bracelets: How I Made a Profit from R1000 in Just Six Weeks and How You Can Too” is a motivational book about a woman who won a business start-up challenge on Bruce Whitfield’s The Money Show.

The first part of the book is Valerie's weekly diary of the process, from the time she made an impulse phone call to the “R1000 The Money Show Challenge" on 702/CapeTalk, to the time she won the competition.

The second part of the book is a self-help, motivational section giving tips on how the reader can succeed in starting up and profiting from their own small-capital business.

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10 September 2019 1:43 PM


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