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Resilient employees make for resilient businesses

Resilient employees make for resilient businesses

Covid-19 is reshaping our world and business leaders need to protect their organisations against future crises and remain sustainably successful.

Dumo Mbethe, CEO of Momentum Corporate, sheds light on this challenge, sharing insights from research the company conducted with leaders, employees and financial advisers.

Mbethe says, “While businesses battle the overt challenges of the pandemic, the more covert crisis looming is the impact of pandemic fatigue on employees. Covid-19 has introduced stressors that impact on the psyche, creating distractions and overwhelming employees as they grapple with fear of infection, possible retrenchment, financial pressures and new work models.”

A key insight from the research is the increasing importance of employee resilience and engagement in the new world of work.

Employee engagement is an employee’s level of commitment, willingness and desire to exert discretionary effort in pursuit of organisational goals. It enables individuals to do their best work on a sustainable basis.

Resilience is the ability to thrive and be resourceful, in the face of extreme pressure. A resilient mindset helps employees to remain focused and present, despite challenges.

“A resilient mindset shields employees from the negative effects of stress, drives employee engagement and wellbeing and reduces absenteeism.

It stands to reason that a critical mass of resilient and engaged employees translates into a more resilient organisation, which can overcome future challenges,” says Mbethe.

Mbethe says building an enabling culture in which employees understand and identify with the organisation’s purpose, and feel empowered to manage all aspects of their health and well-being, is a key part of employee resilience.

In addition, the right combination of employee value proposition (EVP) and employee benefits (EB) offerings helps employees to deal with stressors and, boosts employee resilience, well-being and engagement.

Mbethe concludes, “Employee mindsets have always mattered but in this changing world of work, they matter more than ever.”


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