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The sharpest and the dumbest campaigns of the week

12 May 2020 7:43 PM

Andy Rice, marketing expert, tells us why some mass media campaigns flew and why some failed.

Podcasts are on the rise. What are the opportunities for agencies here?

Hero of the week, according to Andy Rice, is a non-advertising hero in an advertising feature - the podcast.

And a great example, according to him, is the podcast 'My only story' by Deon Wiggett.

The podcast as a medium is rising rapidly everywhere you look. It's an advertising opportunity for brands that are brave. Our advertising industry, despite being billed as creative, open-minded and risk-taking is in fact not that at all. The industry tends to take a long time to adopt new media opportunities. When they finally do it's because the risk has been taken out of the opportunity because it's proven itself. One that's fast on its way to proving itself is the famous podcast.

Andy Rice, branding and advertising expert

The Zero award goes to the City of Cape Town in the ongoing battle with Brent Dyssell, the managing director of Independent Outdoor Media.

He is responsible for the "Stay Home" poster and an additional 25 posters across the city, but the city said the banner contravenes a by-law.

The Cape Town City council in my view has kind of backed themselves into a corner because the letter of the law says they are right and that Dyssel did not get every box ticked. But they responded I think responded insensitively.
Really the opportunity was for them to come out as the good guys, to turn a difficult situation...and become part of the whole thing.

Andy Rice, branding and advertising expert

Listen to the full interview with Andy below.

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12 May 2020 7:43 PM

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