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Turtles released after rehabilitation

Turtles released after rehabilitation

18 January 2022 2:53 PM

Guest: Renée Leeuwner | Communications and Media Executive at Two Oceans Aquarium

If you’re out at sea paddling or sailing in the next few days and happen to spot a sea turtle swimming past, take a moment to raise an oar or dip a sail, because it could be one of a very special group given a second chance at life by the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation.

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Music with Ross Learmoth

23 May 2022 3:45 PM

In today's music segment we're featuring one of South Africa’s most recognisable voices in Ross Learmonth.
Known for his work as the lead singer of multi-award winning band Prime Circle, Learmonth recently released his highly-anticipated debut solo song, entitled, Wild.

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World Turtle Day

23 May 2022 2:57 PM

Guest:  Talitha Noble | Conservation Manager at the Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation.

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Legal Talk: Marlon Shevelew on rentals

23 May 2022 2:36 PM

Guest: Marlon Shevelew | Property attorney at Marlon Shevelew and Associates

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Food 2: Plucky's Korean street food

23 May 2022 2:17 PM

Guest: Co-owner Heinz McNulty 

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Food 1: Restaurant News with Eat Out

23 May 2022 1:52 PM

Guest: Tessa Purdon | Head of Content: Food24 and Eat Out
Where to eat out on Sunday and Monday nights 
New Post and Pepper in Stellenbosch 

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On the couch: Andy Kawa on Carte Blanche

23 May 2022 1:44 PM

Guest: Andy Kawa | The rape survivor who sued police for botching her case.   

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Entertainment: Podcast recommendation, bioscope and the small screen

20 May 2022 3:09 PM

Rafiq Wagiet recommends a podcast
Movie critic Gayle Edmunds talks about what's on the big screen, and
Deputy Editor of TVPlus magazine, Craig Falck, looks at the small screen.

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Health and Wellness: Early detection of breast cancer

20 May 2022 2:38 PM

Guest: Dr. Leora Seidel | A radiographer and breast screening specialist 

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Flamenco: From Spain to the Artscape

20 May 2022 2:16 PM

Guest: Alexandra Hoffer | Artistic Director of the Fundación Cristina Heeren

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Book Club: SA Festival of Children's Literature: - 20th - 22nd May

20 May 2022 1:56 PM

Guest: Darryl David | Director of SA Festival of Children’s Literature

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