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Churches want to resume services?

Churches want to resume services?

25 May 2020 12:02 PM

A number of religious organisations would like to resume religious services, currently prohibited under lockdown regulations. Jeremy van Wyk speaks to Pastor Barry Isaacs
of Freedom of Religion South Africa.

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Rethinking the strategic value of interns

8 July 2020 12:05 PM

Traditionally, the role of interns in an organisation is to keep quiet, stay in their lanes, and learn. Strategically, their value to an organisation is to secure a pipeline of skills in line with that organisation’s culture and status quo. However the pandemic, and the need for organisations to be more agile, has turned optimising human capital on its head.

Kieno speaks to Chantell Ilbury | Scenario Planner at Mind of a Fox.

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How to effectively get your business to thrive under the "new normal"

8 July 2020 11:46 AM

Businesses are under increasing pressure to adjust to the new environment and way of doing business as the country continues to transition to advanced lockdown level 3 due to covid 19. Simply resuming operations will not be enough,it will require different stategies and innovative thinking and swift adaptations as they resume operations, rebuild revenue and source new clients. So what should this new approach be, and how do we get businesses to thrive during this time and into the future under the "new normal"? .

Kieno joined by Jeremy Lang, Regional General Manager at Business Partners Limited
Talking points:

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Why companies boycotting Facebook ads?

8 July 2020 11:01 AM

Kieno speaks to Sibani Mngadi Corporate Relations Director at Diageo SA.

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Sit-down restaurants propose a solution to allow for alcohol consumption

8 July 2020 10:56 AM

Kieno speaks to Wendy Alberts CEO at Restaurant Association Of South Africa.

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Inefficient operations at Cape Town port threat to Western cape economy

8 July 2020 10:04 AM

The Western cape government says urgent interventions are needed by Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan to resolve the operational inefficiencies at Cape Town port. David Maynier, Provincial Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities says that the lack of resources and the implementation of a congestion surcharge from this month will,have serious implications for the port as a strategic entry point that feeds the western cape economy.

Kieno joined by Solly Fourie, Head of Department Economic Development at Western

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Barbs Wire - Why Takealot was trending on Twitter yesterday?

8 July 2020 9:57 AM

A look at stories which have been trending with Barbara Friedman.

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The world of advertising

7 July 2020 12:01 PM

Guest: Jonathan Cherry Director at Cherryflava Media.

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Why 20 school are closing everyday in the Western Cape

7 July 2020 11:53 AM

Kieno speaks to Jan vermeulen is the editor at large of my broadband magazine.

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John Faul Animal Behaviourist

7 July 2020 10:59 AM

Kieno speaks to John Faul Animal Behaviourist.

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