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Barbs Wire - #Afriforum

Barbs Wire - #Afriforum

4 June 2020 9:51 AM

Afriforum is trending after winning a court victory yesterday challenging lockdown
regulations which gave the state the power to force anyone who tested positive for
Covid-19 into compulsory state quarantine.

2. Trump's campaign is demanding media retract statements that teargas where used to
clear Lafayette Square outside the White House...despite the CDC now statting it was in
fact used.

3. On a lighter note...a UK McDonalds fan dressed up as a cardboard car to beat the
traffic and queue for his favourite burger..much to everyone's amusement
Covid-19 update:
Confirmed cases in SA at 37,5252, total deaths are 792 and recoveries total almost
20,000 people.

The Western Cape has 24564 (65.7%) cases, 601 deaths and almost 14,000 recoveries.
Concerns as the Eastern Cape numbers begin to rise now making up just over 12% of

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Jan Vermeulen Editor @ Large- My broadband 

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