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Today with Kieno Kammies
Surround yourself with Positivity

Surround yourself with Positivity

7 July 2020 10:42 AM

Devon had a serious drug & alcohol problem, he hit rock bottom in 2016 and after a intensive four month rehab he was able to reinvent himself. He got involved in the property industry and the rest is as they say is history.

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Limpopo Premier cant explain R64,000 per home built from container

3 August 2020 10:22 AM

The Premier of Limpopo cannot explain why container homes built by the province is costing R64,000. The homes are built with tax payers money and no reasonable explanation is forth coming. We compare costs with industry Hennie Botes, CEO and founder of the Moladi Construction Systems

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Barbs Wire: Brazen hijackers abduct driver in front of petrol attendants in Joburg

3 August 2020 9:49 AM

A look at stories which have been trending with Barbara Friedman.

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The OneAfrica Awards

31 July 2020 12:02 PM

Kieno speaks to Ebrahim Rasool Founder at OneAfrica.

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The future now with Dr Morne Mostert

31 July 2020 11:56 AM

We take a look and see into what the future holds in terms of new innovations that can positively impact our lives with Dr Morne Mostert from the Futures Institute.

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Outcomes of tourism briefing

31 July 2020 11:12 AM

Kieno speaks to Tim Harris Wesgro CEO

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Movie Review: Cabin  Fever

31 July 2020 10:54 AM

Kieno speaks to Tim Green Director of the SA movie-Cabin Fever

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Farewell interview with Traffic Chief Kenny Africa

31 July 2020 10:51 AM

Today is bitter sweet today for all of us who have worked with Provincial traffic chief Kenny Africa for many years.He is known for his dedication to serving the pople of the province 24./7 365 without fail. as a traffic chief he is transparent and always available to share information . To look back at the his acreer and [plans for the future in retirement, that starts tomorrow,

Kieno joined by Western Cape provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa.

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Travel restrictions in Europe and what possible impact on the the travel sector

31 July 2020 10:40 AM

Kieno speaks to DW Correspondent Janelle Dumalaon.

The new wave of travel restrictions in Europe and what possible impact it will have on the the travel sector.

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