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702 Music with Nonn Botha
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EWN Podcast: The Broken Rainbow

EWN Podcast: The Broken Rainbow

10 August 2020 10:59 AM

As we celebrate and honour women this month, some lesbian and transwomen feel side-lined and ignored in the fight against issues like gender-based violence. Eyewitness News presents The Broken Rainbow, a six-part episode that seeks to highlight what it's like to be part of the LGBTQ+ community in South Africa. The first episode, Hated for being lesbian, unpacks corrective rape and why punitive rape is a big issue in South Africa and demands the attention from the law and judiciary.
The second episode will look at the difficulties transwomen face in accessing healthcare, and will also focus on a drug that many public healthcare facilities issue to transwomen as part of their hormone replacement therapy, called Premarin. The drug is mainly distilled from the urine of pregnant horses. The mares are said to be forced to stand for about five months in congested concrete floor stalls fitted with a rubber collection cup joined to a hose which extracts the urine. Research shows that this drug is detrimental to the heath of those who use it, causing heart attacks, weight and bone loss, nausea, stroke and seizures.
Guest: EWN Producer Mihlali Ntsabo.

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