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Kfm Top40 with Carl Wastie [#KfmTop40]
Rowlene chats about new single with Nasty C from Netflix smash hit

Rowlene chats about new single with Nasty C from Netflix smash hit

23 May 2020 1:16 PM

The internet is blowing up around Netfilx’s latest original teen drama, ‘Blood & Water’ – and not only because of the storyline – but also because of the epic soundtrack.

On Friday, 22 May 2020 one of the feature tracks from the Netflix series officially dropped – and it features two collaborators we truly love: the two people behind the former no.1 hit single, ‘SMA’: Nasty C and Rowlene.

Called ‘I Need You’ – the single sees hip hop superstar Nasty C pair his wistful rhymes with frequent collaborator Rowlene's touching vocals.

On Saturday, 23 May 2020, Rowlene joined Carl Wastie on the Kfm Top 40 to chat about the new single and the work that went into making this track that has caught the heart of the world. 

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Martin Garrix on the Kfm Top 40

4 March 2021 3:15 PM

On Saturday, 27 February 2021, award-winning producer / DJ extraordinaire, Martin Garrix, joined the one-and-only Carl Wastie on the multiple award-winning chart show, the Kfm Top 40, for a quick catch-up about his career, as well as his brand new single with Tove Lo called 'Pressure'.

By the way, how do you pronounce Tove Lo? 

Take a listen to find out, as Martin Garrix finally puts all debates to rest in this fun and insightful chat.

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Introducing Cayla Mentor on the Kfm Top 40

4 March 2021 3:10 PM

Get ready to meet Cayla Mentor – a rising South African star straight outta Cape Town.

This talented singer / songwriter is also a bassist!

She debuted her new single, ‘Me, Myself & I’ on Kfm 94.5 a few weeks back with Brandon Leigh on Kfm Sundaze. Following the first-time spin, Brandon, who is also the host of Kfm Nights, which airs directly after The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie in the week, alerted Carl to Cayla Mentor and told him she needs to be on the chart.

The rest, as they say is history, as on Saturday, 27 February 2021, Carl Wastie welcomed Cayla Mentor onto the Kfm Top 40 - to introduce herself as an artist, to get to know her, and to bubble under ‘Me, Myself & I’.

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New Hero's new banger - a tribute to those suffering from depression

4 March 2021 3:02 PM

New Hero are back with new music!

Scottie Moore and Keaton Carelse, also known as Grimhouse, make up the genre fluid, group, armed with the common goal of creating music that takes you on a journey to make you feel good.

On Saturday, 27 February 2021, Carl Wastie called up New Hero's Scottie Moore to chat about their new single, ‘Smiling', on the award-winning Kfm Top 40.

'Smiling' speaks to Scottie's battle with depression in 2020 - and is a tribute to anyone going through the same during the current pandemic.

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Introducing Seth Daniels on the Kfm Top 40

4 March 2021 2:38 PM

On Saturday, 27 February 2021, Carl Wastie caught up with a local, young talent, who goes by the name of Seth Daniels, on the Kfm Top 40.

The interview took place during the Top 10 of the countdown, which was fitting, as Seth Daniels happens to be one of the Top 10 requested artists, with his fanbase flooding the Kfm WhatsApp line with requests for his new single, ‘Told You So’.

'Told You So' is available via all good streaming platforms.

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'Kiss Me' gets 2021 update thanks to DJ Cosher

15 February 2021 12:29 PM

DJ Cosher’s been cooking in his kitchen – this time with vocalist, Alex Solomon – for another take on a classic.

You may remember in the past DJ Cosher released his take on 'Dancing In The Moonlight'?

He also released a version of a proudly South African classic.

But this Valentine's Month he's back with more great music!

You may recall the Six Pence None The Richer version of this song, ‘Kiss Me’ from 1998? Well, this month of love, it’s been updated to fit into 2021! The update, which is Alex Solomon's debut commercial song, plays an ode to the original, whilst offering up a fresh, unique update for a new generation.

The song is expected to be officially released before Valentine's Month (February) is up - but in the meantime, you can hear some of it in the podcast of DJ Cosher and Alex Solomon's interview with Carl Wastie on 13 Feb 2021, where the Kfm Top 40 played host to yet another exclusive!

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The Kiffness' David Scott makes solo debut on chart

15 February 2021 12:12 PM

David Scott – the man behind The Kiffness – recently released a body of work called ‘Departures’. The EP featured 6 songs different in style to his work as The Kiffness, and one of the songs was one called ‘Aurora’.

It was just instrumental at first, but last week, David Scott released the vocal mix, featuring vocals from South African-UK vocalist, Julia Church, who’s also appeared on work by Goldfish and Pascal & Pearce.

A week later (13 Feb 2021), 'Aurora (Vocal Mix)' - David Scott featuring Julia Church made its way onto the Kfm Top 40 with Carl Wastie.

To celebrate - and taking into account it was Valentine's Day weekend - Carl Wastie rang up David Scott and Julia Church for an interesting date styled interview, where he was the third-wheel.

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Carl Wastie “goes carolling” and surprises Amy Jones

9 December 2020 2:36 PM

On Saturday, 5 December 2020, Carl Wastie found a novel way to tell two local artists that their songs had made it onto the Kfm Top 40 – getting into the festive gees and carolling for them

Listen to him surprise Amy Jones with news that ‘Imagine’, which features Donvino, entered SA’s best chart show at no.31…

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Daniel Baron & Sketchy Bongo team up for Summer tune

9 December 2020 2:20 PM

Daniel Baron has teamed up with Sketchy Bongo, for a Summer song that sums up those Summer feels. It’s called ‘Rainbows’ – and it’s out now!

On Saturday, 5 December 2020, the singer who rose to prominence a decade ago thanks to reality TV show, ‘Idols’, as well as the masked hitmaker, joined Carl Wastie on the Kfm Top 40 to chat about the track and how it came to be. But instead of Carl asking all the questions, he created a questions & answers circle, which brought about some hilarious answers from the South African music legends.

How do two artists living in Jo’burg, Thai food in Durban, and the beaches of Cape Town come together in this song? Take a listen to the podcast to find out!

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Jono Grayson has a beautiful message with new love song

9 December 2020 2:16 PM

28 year old singer-songwriter and producer, Jono Grayson, who made his mark within the South African music industry when he became a fan-favourite and Top 13 Semi-Finalist on the first season of The Voice South Africa – has released a new single.

Originally from South Africa, but now living in the UK, Jono’s new song, ‘I Hope You Know’, carries with it a special message, stating that that ladies don’t need make-up to be beautiful.

On Saturday, 5 December 2020, Carl Wastie called Jono Grayson on the award-winning Kfm Top 40 to find out more about ‘I Hope You Know’ as well as life in the UK.

Take a listen to the podcast…

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