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South Africa’s condemns Israel's planned annexation of Palestinian territories

South Africa’s condemns Israel's planned annexation of Palestinian territories

1 July 2020 7:56 AM

In a deadly game of Middle East cat and mouse, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing to weigh his options in pushing ahead with plans to annex parts of the West Bank, extending Israeli’s sovereignty over territories occupied by Israel in the 1967 war. It is Benjamin Netanyahu who could start the process today.  
The South African government has added its voice to many that are concerned by this announcement. We are now joined by the Minister of International Relations & Cooperation Dr. Naledi Pandor.

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City of JHB responds to comments made by an employee regarding treatment of covid-19 positive employees

2 July 2020 8:48 AM

Yesterday just before the end of our show we received a disturbing call from a distressed Phumla who identified herself as a nurse working for the City of Johannesburg.  
She told us that she is self-isolating at home after testing positive. She made claims that city of Johannesburg Management is telling staff members to keep their covid 19 status to themselves because they don’t want them to face stigma… She also raised concerns around patients that she came into contact with prior to receiving her test results. She is worried that they might have been exposed and no contact was made with them.

Bongani joined by Mlimandlela Ndamase, City of Joburg Spokesperson

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What’s Viral - Sky news reporter's son interrupts live TV to ask for biscuits

2 July 2020 8:14 AM

What’s Viral with Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn.

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On Municipal Audit outcomes and the worrying state of our municipalities

2 July 2020 7:56 AM

The municipal audits of the 2018-19 financial year did not have a much different outcome than in prior years. Now in the third year of this administration, there was again a regression in the audit outcomes. Over the three-year period, 76 municipalities have regressed with those of only 31 improving.

Irregular expenditure now sitting at R32,06 billion; R4.2 billion lost to fruitless and wasteful expenditure, R1, 26 billion spent on consultants to assist with financial statement preparation. And according to the Auditor-General, government cannot afford to lose money because of poor decision-making, neglect or inefficiencies. What of the R20 billion allocated to municipalities in COVID-19 emergency relief funds if municipalities lack financial controls and nothing is improving?

Bongani joined by Kimi Makwetu, Auditor-General of South Africa.

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What’s Viral - Teen has her face mask pierced to her ear in 'crazy' incident

1 July 2020 7:58 AM

What’s Viral with Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn

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Funds needed to assist firefighter’s family that was left homeless after their house burned down last year

1 July 2020 7:12 AM

A family of a firefighter who died in 2005 has been left homeless after their house burned down last year, bracing the winter colds without a home. Firefighters from various municipalities are raising funds to rebuild the house of their late colleague. In December 2019 his house burned down and his former colleagues responded to the fire incident however little could be saved.

The firefighters have raised the much-needed funds which will cover the cost of construction and furniture. 702landers are being asked to help in this noble cause. 
On the line Bongani joined by Robert Mulaudzi, Joburg EMS Spokesperson.

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Africa Melane taking over 702 and CapeTalk Early Breakfast

30 June 2020 9:19 AM

Exciting times for 702 as there as a new line-up coming up. Africa Melane who has been hosting Weekend Breakfast and several other shows will soon be the host of Early Breakfast.

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Consumers urged to avoid falling into pre-lockdown irresponsible spending habits

30 June 2020 8:36 AM

As more economic sectors are reopening under level 3 lockdown regulations, life as we may know it may be returning to a semblance of normal. DebtBusters warns that South African consumers would be should try to avoid falling into pre-lockdown spending habits, but instead look for ways to cut unnecessary expenses and to seek professional help early if they realise they’re getting into trouble. 
Bongani joined by Benay Sager, Debt Busters Chief Operating Officer

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What’s Viral - Genius plan to keep neighbours upstairs quiet

30 June 2020 8:00 AM

What’s Viral with Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn

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Mkhize warns of spike in Covid-19 deaths and infections in coming days

30 June 2020 7:39 AM

When President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown in March to prepare for the COVID-19 lockdown, South Africa went into what one may call a dress rehearsal of what may be when we enter into a peak. As we get into the second month of the winter season, South Africa will soon experience a surge in COVID-19 cases, and the picture of the provinces is soon changing with Gauteng expected to overtake the Western Cape province.  
Experts are predicting that fatalities in Gauteng could potentially triple every two weeks, its new cases now exceed the 1,400 daily infections in the Western Cape, Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize joined Bongani on the line.

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