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Breakfast with Bongani Bingwa
What’s Viral - Young man who tested positive for COVID-19 busted for hosting a party

What’s Viral - Young man who tested positive for COVID-19 busted for hosting a party

25 September 2020 8:08 AM

What’s Viral with Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn.

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The World View -Drama In The English Channel

26 October 2020 8:39 AM

Turkey’s French insult it has caused a major rift between Paris & Ankara

Australia protests to Qatar after women were given body searches.

 The Welsh shopping question what is essential & what is not.

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Getting to know the newly crowned miss South Africa

26 October 2020 8:37 AM

Twenty four year old Shudufhadzo Musida is the new Miss South Africa.

 Shudufhadzo was crowned in the pageant finale on Saturday evening, which was held for the first time in Cape Town. The new Miss South Africa is from Ha-Masia in Limpopo, and is studying her Honours in International Relations at Wits University.

For the first time, Miss South Africa and her runners up will represent the country in three of the world’s top beauty pageants – Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Supranational. But it will only be announced at a later stage which contestant will go to which pageant.

Bongani speaks to Shudufhadzo Musida, Miss South Africa 2020.

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Ongoing efforts to turnaround Transnet

26 October 2020 7:37 AM

At the presentation of Transnet’s annual results last Friday, Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan said it was a relief to talk about a state-owned enterprise that did not need bailouts or guarantees.  

Transnet, the country’s custodian of rail, ports and pipelines, reported an increase of 1.3 percent in revenue over the past financial year, to 75.1 billion rand. But the entity still has its work cut out to address issues caused by State Capture.

 Transnet reported 9.97 billion rand in irregular expenditure for the 2019/2020 financial year. Transnet’s cumulative irregular expenditure, which dates back as far as the 2011/2012 financial year, amounts to 114.3 billion rand. Transnet’s current leadership sees this as proof of the ongoing challenge to address compliance issues at the SOE.

Bongani speaks to Portia Derby, Group CEO at Transnet.

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#AfricaFridays - A continent of old - Why old leaders are hanging onto power

26 October 2020 7:26 AM

This week we saw Guinea and Ivory Coast protests third termers and leaders in their 80’s and late 70’s
And of course, in Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari faces protest against policy brutality under the #ENDSARS
We zoom into this phenomenon and why old leaders are hanging onto power



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Minimizing Covid-19 risks during peak tourism season

26 October 2020 7:14 AM

How does South Africa’s tourism industry take advantage of its peak tourist season, while the country still faces Covid-19 restrictions and the threat of a second wave of the pandemic?

This past week, Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said he was worried about increasing Covid-19 cases in the country. This added to concerns that the country faces the threat of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism sector has been concerned about job losses in an industry which has in the past supported 1.5 million jobs in the country and contributed 8.6 percent to the country’s GDP.

Bongani speak to Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa, CEO of the Tourism Business Council of SA.

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The World View  - Trump Versus Biden

23 October 2020 8:50 AM

The FBI conspiracy theory that Iran & Russia are trying to spoil the voting.

Two new space centres for NATO & the U.K.


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THE BIG FAVOUR – Listener would like to donate toys to an orphanage in need

23 October 2020 8:38 AM

Sheena is moving Canada and would like to donate clothes and toys to a deserving orphanage 


Neli Nelukau founded the Dzulani Children’s Care Centre, an orphanage based in Vosloorus,  in 2012.

Her motive behind starting the orphanage centre was the fact that she grew up being abused, but she didn’t let that to define her future, she also has love for helping children who have found themselves in a similar abusive situation which she has also encountered in her life.

The orphanage accommodates children from a tender age up until 18 years of age.

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What’s Viral

23 October 2020 8:06 AM

What’s Viral with Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn 

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The World View - The Pope On Gay Union

23 October 2020 7:41 AM

Task force drugs bust a big one in the waters off Iran.
Museum attacks in Germany 5 museums vandalised in Berlin.
Giant Leap for mankind the U.K. has sent a chicken nugget into space. 


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