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Why lockdowns don’t work in South Africa

Why lockdowns don’t work in South Africa

29 July 2021 9:17 AM

According to a research study by Professor Nicholas Ngepah, lockdowns do not work in Africa as a first response to a pandemic. Bongani speaks to Nicholas Ngepah, Professor of Economics at the University of Johannesburg.

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Africa Fridays with Crystal Orderson

17 September 2021 9:14 AM

What is happening in Guinea? Earlier this month coup overthrew long-time leader. The Military junta now says they are open about talks on Guinea’s future, vows to avoid past ‘mistakes. 

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The World View - New defence pact China protests as Australia, the US & U.K. do a deal

17 September 2021 8:35 AM

French Anti-Jihad moves in Africa president Macron claims a victory.
Outlawed Afghan musicians a group of singers have fled Taliban violence. 


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702 Weekly: Favour | SA Bone Marrow Registry celebrating 3 decades

17 September 2021 8:28 AM

The SA Bone Marrow Registry is celebrating three decades of saving lives this September. In honour of its anniversary, the registry will be hosting a virtual concert today to raise awareness of the work they do and to share poignant stories of donors and patients whose lives they have touched over the years.

Bongani speaks to Jane Ward, Deputy Director for the SA Bone Marraw.

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What’s Gone Viral - Beautiful moment as boy giving little girl foul baseball

17 September 2021 7:59 AM

What’s Gone Viral with Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn.

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Public called to nominate chief justice

17 September 2021 7:35 AM

For the first time in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa is calling on the public to nominate South Africa's next chief justice to promote transparency. The public has until 1 October to submit their nominations.

Bongani speaks to Tyrone Seale.

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ConCourt to decide on Jacob Zuma rescission case

17 September 2021 7:30 AM

Today, the Constitutional Court will make a ruling on former President Jacob Zuma’s application for the Apex court to rescind its ruling to sentence Zuma to prison for 15 months for not appearing at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry. Can the Concourt rescind its own rulings?.

Karyn Maughan, Specialist Legal Journalist at News24.


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Readiness for voter registration

17 September 2021 7:11 AM

The voter registration weekend is here and the IEC says it is ready to receive potential voters at its 23,151 registration stations across the country, which will be open from 8am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Bongani speaks to Sy Mamabolo, Chief Electoral Officer at the IEC.


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Tiktok & Sadag team up for mental well-being

16 September 2021 9:25 AM

In light of World Suicide Prevention Awareness Day, TikTok is strengthening ways to nurture the well-being of social media community. TikTok has partnered with SADAG to raise awareness around mental health and has launched new resources to help with mental well-being

Bongani speaks to Fatima Seedat, Sadag’s Development Manager.

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The World View  - Mexican hostages released by gunmen including 22 impoverished migrants

16 September 2021 8:36 AM

Anti Vax catholic cardinals the Pope admits he’s puzzled.

The queen’s North Korean message HM has contacted Kim Jong Un.


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