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Kwantu Feature: Mining, Households and grave relocation

Kwantu Feature: Mining, Households and grave relocation

14 November 2019 11:24 PM

For majority of South Africans, dispossession (cultural practices, physical displacement from territory, and the undermining of indigenous self-government) is not something lost in the mists of history: it is a wound within living memory and for the majority who are poor, it remains a constant threat.

Guest: Dineo Skosana, Researcher at Society Work and Politics Institute (Wits University) spoke about how mining activities continue to dispossess black families in South Africa.

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13 August 2020 11:53 PM

For this week’s Kwantu feature we continue the conversation on Mfecane/Difaqane with Dr. Glen Ncube.

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How to spot a serial killer

13 August 2020 10:19 PM

We are joined by Dr. Mickie Pistorius, Psychologist, Profiler, Author and Academic and Skills Developer | First profiler to be appointed to the South African Police Service and founder and commander of the Investigative Psych Unit, Serious and Violent Crimes Component of the SAPS on how to spot a serial l killer.

What does or doesn’t a serial  killer look like, in the follow up to the headlines with the 5th body found in KZN. 

For more go to

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'We've done our job, Mr President' - Premier Alan Winde

13 August 2020 9:50 PM

Premier Alan Winde appeals to Ramaphosa to reopen the economy

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Suicide and Covid-19

13 August 2020 9:26 PM

For this weeks Conversations with Dr.Eve, we are joined once again by Dr. Marlene Wasserman to focus on suicide and Covid-19.

Reach out for support: Call SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group)
To contact a counsellor between 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday,
Call: 011 234 4837
For a suicidal Emergency contact 0800 567 567
24hr Helpline 0800 456 789

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Ancient Ayurvedic Secrets Revealed

12 August 2020 11:33 PM

On Change your Mindset we talk about "Weight loss and energy gain - the ancient Ayurvedic secrets revealed" with Elanie Beckett, Ayurnedic nutritionist and Casey Czuj, Ayurvedic Practitioner from Michigan, USA.

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Stonehenge Mystery Finally Solved - July 2020

12 August 2020 10:21 PM

For tonight’s Weird and Wonderful feature we cross over to the UK joined once again by Mike Pitts, Archaeologist, Author and Editor of the British Archaeology: British Archaeology publication, on an exciting Stonehenge mystery solved just two weeks ago with the origin of the giant sarsen stones finally discovered with the help of a missing piece of the site, now returned after 60 years.

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What is true Wealth?

12 August 2020 9:20 PM

In our Financial Matter Mduduzi Luthuli, Investment Manager at Luthuli Capital completes this past month’s conversation around what is true Wealth?

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What we are really celebrating with Women’s Day?

11 August 2020 11:17 PM

With the focus continuing on Woman's Month, we are joined by Nombulelo Shange, Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, University of the Free State who asks what we are really celebrating with Women’s Day?

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And now for the Good News...from the Government: New GBVF Bills

11 August 2020 10:13 PM

With GBV dominating the headlines in Woman's Month, the government announces the good news by reinstating its committed to fight and eradicate Gender Based Violence & Femicide with the approval of Cabinet on the submission of the three GBVF Bills which aim to address a number of issues in the Criminal Justice System. We are joined by Chrispin Jr Phiri, Department of Justice Spokesperson for more.

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New corruption-busting unit

11 August 2020 10:06 PM

With a new corruption-busting unit proposed by National Prosecuting Authority head, Advocate Shamila Batohim, we talk to NPA National Spokesperson, Sipho Ngwema on why it must driven by prosecutors and housed in the NPA for a strengthened legislative framework.

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