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Weekend Breakfast with Refiloe Mpakanyane
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Early Breakfast with Africa Melane
Early Breakfast with Africa Melane
Early Breakfast with Africa Melane

Early Breakfast with Africa Melane

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Remember when... with Andile Ndlovu

15 January 2021 6:05 AM

Guest : Andile Ndlovu | Podcast creator at Remember when... with Andile Ndlovu

"Remember when..." is a new podcast that narrates a walk down memory

lane. In each episode, host Andile Ndlovu’s revisits different cultural phenomena from

Penny Heyns winning gold at the 1996 Olympics to a controversial and very popular TV

series Yizo Yizo that aired between 1999 and 2004. The show is a satisfying deep dive into

South African popular culture sprinkled with nostalgia.

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FEDSAS on the postponement of re-opening of public schools

15 January 2021 5:22 AM

Guest : Paul Colditz | CEO at Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools

The National Coronavirus Command Council wants the reopening of schools

to be postponed by two weeks. Public schools are supposed to open on the 27 January.

The NCCC would like to push out to the 15 February, in anticipation that the second wave

of conoid-19 infections would have started to decline.

Paul Colditz is the CEO of the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African schools.

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Fitness with Liezel van der Westhuizen: Micro resolutions, an easier way to reach your fitness goals

15 January 2021 5:04 AM

Guest : Liezel Van Der Westhuizen | KFM Mornings host at KFM

Worried about having made a fitness New Years Resolutions you may not stick to? Your

favourite Fitness Enthusiast has a different take to pace you towards your goals. Tune in

for perfect, bite-sized fitness wisdom you can't miss, with Liezel van der Westhuizen this

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General elections in Uganda marred by violence and a clampdown on social media

14 January 2021 6:11 AM

Guest : Zaynab Mohamed | Political Analyst at Nkc
African Economics

OMNY: General elections will be held in Uganda today, 14 January 2021, to elect the President
and the Parliament. Current president and septuagenarian Yoweri Musveni has won very election
since his first in 1996. Museveni is facing a formidable challenge from Robert Kyagulanyi, a singer-
turned-politician better known by the stage name Bobi Wine. Days leading to the elections have been
marred by violence and a clampdown on social media. 
Zaynab Mohamed is a Political Analyst at NKC African Economics


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Trump impeachment

14 January 2021 5:28 AM

Guest : Brooks Spector | US foreign policy expert and associate editor at Daily Maverick

The US House of Representatives will vote today to impeach President

Trump a second time. Democrats are charging him with "incitement of insurrection" for his

role in last week’s deadly Capitol attack. The riot last Wednesday happened after Mr Trump told supporters at a rally in Washington DC to "fight like hell" against the result of November's election. Brooks Spector is a US foreign policy expert and associate editor at the Daily Maverick.

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Health: Does the global increase of formula milk sales really matter for baby & mother?

14 January 2021 5:07 AM

Guest: Lerato Radebe Ntsimane | Lactation Consultant and National Spokesperson at Association for Dietetics in South Africa(ADSA)

A recent study shows that global commercial milk formula sales are booming, particularly

in many highly-populated countries, including the Middle East, north Africa, eastern

Europe, central Asia, and parts of Latin America . Between 2005 and 2019, world milk

formula sales more than doubled from 3.5kg to 7.4kg per child. Total sales grew from 1

million tonnes to 2.1 million tonnes.


While mothers are still strongly advised by WHO to breastfeed from the first hour of life

until six months of age. Lerato Radebe Ntsimane is a lactation consultant and the national

spokesperson for the Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) will look at whether

a increase sale of formula really matters for the health of baby and mother

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Should there be an extension on vehicle license renewals as well?

13 January 2021 6:04 AM

Guest : Layton Beard | Spokesperson at Automobile Association

The Department of Transport has clarified that the extension of the validity of all learners
licenses, driving license cards, temporary driving licence cards and professional driving permits until
31st of August 2021, did not include vehicle licenses or license disks. 
AA spokesperson, Layton Beard, joins Early Breakfast to discuss the impact an extension of car
license disk and the subsequent loss in revenue will have on municipalities.


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Denosa, KZN Department of health has no adequately prepared for the second wave

13 January 2021 5:23 AM

Guest : Mandla Shabangu


In his address regarding the country's response to the second wave of the coronavirus
pandemic, President Ramaphosa painted a grim picture of KwaZulu-Natal recording the highest
number of deaths in the country as well as a notable increase in new infections.
Denosa is decrying the provinces response to the second wave, citing staff shortages, inadequate and
poor PPE, lack of psychological support for staff as some of the issues faced by front-line workers.
Denosa KZN provincial secretary, Mandla Shabangu joins weekend breakfast to discuss some of
the recommendations it hopes to be implemented at health-care facilities.

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Finance: How to use balloon payments to your advantage

13 January 2021 5:09 AM

Guest:Lebogang Gaoaketse | Head of Marketing and
Communication at WesBank

Many consumers commonly misunderstand a balloon payment to make cars cheaper, or
it allows them to drive a vehicle they simply cannot afford. This is not what a balloon payment is
designed for. This type of payment is intended to assist with cash flow management at the start of a
finance agreement, but only if you can afford it. 
Explaining how you can use this choice of payment to your advantage is the Head of Marketing and
Communication at WesBank, Lebogang Goaaketse.

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Zimbabwe crackdowns on alleged dissidents

12 January 2021 6:04 AM

Guest :Tapiwa Chagonda | Associate Professor of Sociology at University of Johannesburg

As Zimbabwe experiences its second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and

a hard lockdown, it seems the second wave of crackdowns on alleged dissidents is also

being implemented.


Zimbabwean police have arrested the Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance‘s

Spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere. Mahere is the third person to be arrested in less than a

week. Following another MDC leader, Job Sikhala, and investigative journalist Hopewell

Chin'ono who were taken into custody last week.


Tapiwa Chagonda, Associate professor of Sociology at the University of Johannesburg,

joins Early Breakfast to give further context on the developments in Zimbabwe.

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