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YLED Recruitment Drive

YLED Recruitment Drive

23 March 2021 11:16 PM

Guest: Tebang Ntsasa | YLED Operations Director 

Mobile: +27 (0)78 589 6211 

More episodes from The Aubrey Masango Show

Is SA ready for e-voting?

20 September 2021 11:14 PM

Prof. Colin Thakur from Durban  University if technology joins us to talk about Digital Democracy in South Africa: Is it on or off?”

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DA's reaction to Concourt’s decision on the reopening of candidates lists

20 September 2021 10:18 PM

We get reaction from the DA with regards to the concourt’s decision on the reopening of candidates lists with DA’s Shadow Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Cilliers Brink. 

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EFF condemns the ANCs intimidation and political intolerance in Dambuza, Kwa-Zul Natal

20 September 2021 9:41 PM

EFF Treasurer General, Omphile Maotwe, joins us to talk about the events that unfolded yesterday in Dambuza, KZN and the organization demands IEC take action against ‘political intolerance’ in KZN.

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Medical Matters: World Alzheimer's Day [21st September 2021]

20 September 2021 9:12 PM

For tonight's Medical Matters we are joined by Dr Lara Greenstein, a specialist physician and geriatrician working at Helen Joseph Hospital,  talking about World Alzheimer’s Day, campaign to raise awareness and to challenge the stigma that persists around dementia, with doctor speaking about latest advancements in treatment etc.


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South Africans Doing Great Things - Vanita Daniels, Director at Rise Up Against Gender-Based Violence [NPO]

17 September 2021 11:24 PM

For tonight’s South Africans Doing Great Things feature, members of Rise Up Against Gender-based Violence are taking the message about putting an end to gender-based violence to men in taverns and so we talk to Vanita Daniels,  Director of Rise Up Against Gender Based Violence about their work.

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Profile Interview with Luthando Dyasop, Author of 'Out of Quatro: From Exile to Exoneration'

17 September 2021 10:18 PM

For tonight's Profile Interview we are joined by Luthando Dyasop on his life and times as eventually revealed in his latest book, 'Out of Quatro: From Exile to Exoneration', an autobiography as an ex­MK soldier who spent time in exile and in the notorious ANC Quatro prison. Out of Quatro is a story not only about Dyasop’s extraordinary life, but also about a tumultuous time in ANC history. 

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Africa At A Glance: Guinea Coup

16 September 2021 11:16 PM

In Africa At A Glance, we talk to Ebrin Brou, Field Producr for BBC News, on what unfolded in Guinea where President of Guinea Alpha Condé was captured by the country's armed forces in a coup d'état after gunfire in the capital, Conakry.

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Crime Time: True Crime South Africa Podcast

16 September 2021 10:12 PM

For tonight’s Crime Time we are joined by Nicole Engelbrecht, host and creator of True Crime South Africa which is a pioneering victim-focused true-crime podcast produced here in SA. The podcast covers both solved and unsolved SA true crime cases. 

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Psychological Matters: #WorldSuicidePreventionDay: Suicide – Underrated and Misunderstood

16 September 2021 9:14 PM

For Psychology Matters we are joined by Dr Ancel George, Clinical Psychologist at the Free State Psychiatric Complex and Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Free State on #WorldSuicidePreventionDay (10 September), Suicide being underrated and misunderstood. We look at who is at risk, reading the warning signs, and how to respond. 


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Change your mindset feature - “Are you building your future through faith or through fear? One will keep you stuck, the other will set you free”.

15 September 2021 11:25 PM

On Change your mindset feature, we are joined by Stanley Beckett, author and consultant at changecreator, talking about “Are you building your future through faith or through fear?  One will keep you stuck, the other will set you free”.

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