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Change your mindset feature – 2022 the year to develop GRIT. What is GRIT? Why do we need it? And how do you develop it?

Change your mindset feature – 2022 the year to develop GRIT. What is GRIT? Why do we need it? And how do you develop it?

12 January 2022 11:20 PM

Stanley Beckett | Author and Consultant at Change Creator 

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Census Survey 2022

23 May 2022 10:42 PM

 Ashwell Jenneker, Deputy Director General for Statistical Operation and Provincial Coordination at Stats SA joined us to talk to us about the Census Survey 2022 and answer questions on how you can get counted.


Phone: 0800 110 248 – census survey to be counted 

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African Union 20years Later

23 May 2022 10:17 PM

In this hour we look at the 12th Thabo Mbeki Africa Lecture taking place this Friday, 27th May 2022, presented the distinguished African intellectual, scholar and academic Prof Toyin Falola. He is the professor of History, University Distinguished teaching Professor, and the Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in Humanities at the University of Texas, Austin. He is an honorary professor, university of cape town, and extraordinary professor of human rights, university of the Free State. This week we will be having different speakers leading up to the 12th Thabo Mbeki Africa Lecture and this evening were joined by Mr. Simo Zulu, Policy Analyst I Researcher: Thabo Mbeki Foundation (TMF), Visiting Scholar: TM- School I One Young World Ambassador I Writer I Public Speaker I Scholar, and we will be chatting about the African Union 20year later from Pan – Africanist perspective and looking at whether what they AU and its role towards the African continent.

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Medical Matters: World Thyroid Awareness Day - 25th May 2022

23 May 2022 9:19 PM

World Thyroid Day takes place on 25th May each year. World Thyroid Day aims at increasing public awareness of thyroid deceases, namely the importance of their timely diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Thyroid disorders are very common worldwide, they affect people of all ages and have a large range of symptoms. So, on our Medical Matters we focus on this important awareness, World Thyroid Day as we learn to understand it better with Dr Sindeep Bhana, Head of Endocrinology at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital and a specialist in thyroid disease.

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Profile interview : Simphiwe Masiza

20 May 2022 10:15 PM

Mr. Simphiwe Masiza is an entrepreneur, business leader and the CEO of Empowaworx Group. Masiza holds qualifications from WITS and GIBS, amongst other institutions. He is qualified in project management, strategy, organizational development, organizational management, event management, reputation management, business management, governance and executive leadership. He is the founder and passionate leader of Empowaworx, a premium communications firm with four business divisions – namely Event Management, Speakers Bureau, Media and Brand Design. Masiza began his career as a leadership expert, management consultant and a sought after and energetic corporate MC and keynote speaker.

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Africa At A Glance : Museveni’s plan to jail rivals for even longer and how it might backfire

19 May 2022 11:17 PM

On Africa at a glance, we talk to John Okot, freelance journalist in Uganda about the political situation in Uganda and a recent article he wrote on African Argument titled “Museveni’s plan to jail rivals for even longer and how it might backfire”.

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Crime Time: Fuel thieves siphon off millions from Mpumalanga Eskom power station

19 May 2022 10:20 PM

As fuel prices soar, an ageing Eskom power station in Mpumalanga is the hub of a sophisticated theft operation siphoning off fuel worth millions of rands – with help from corrupt officials, trucking companies and police. On the Crime Time Feature tonight, we look at how ‘fuel thieves siphon off millions from Eskom power station' with Amabhungane Investigative Journalist Tabelo Timse. Last we spoke to Tabelo was about how armed gangs stole millions worth of fuel from buried Transnet pipelines.

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Psychological Matters: Why do people have the desire to be loved?

19 May 2022 9:11 PM

Tonight, on our Psychological Matters we chatting to Zanele Dlamini who is a clinical psychologist from Siweya Wellness Solutions, chatting to us about the desire of being loved by everybody. Why do people have the strong need to be loved by everyone?

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Change your mindset feature - GRIT and Commitment [Part 2]

18 May 2022 11:11 PM

On Change your mindset, we continue talking about GRIT and Commitment Part 2, with a focus on what creates a real commitment is.

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Weird and Wonderful Feature: Are mermaids real or not?

18 May 2022 10:15 PM

On the weird and wonderful we talk to Benjamin Radford, Science-based paranormal investigator and Award-winning author, co-author and editor of over twenty books and many articles on urban legends, the paranormal, critical thinking, and media literacy, answering the question of whether mermaids exist or not.


About Benjamin Radford

Benjamin Radford is the Bad Science columnist for Live Science. He covers pseudoscience, psychology, urban legends and the science behind "unexplained" or mysterious phenomenon. 

Ben has a master's degree in education and a bachelor's degree in psychology.

He is deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine and has written, edited or contributed to more than 20 books, including "Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries," "Tracking the Chupacabra: The Vampire Beast in Fact, Fiction, and Folklore" and “Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits,” out in fall 2017.

His website is

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Entrepreneurship Feature: Start Where You Are - & Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

17 May 2022 11:12 PM

Over the past decade, South Africa has seen a sharp increase in the number of people earning an income outside of formal employment. We talk to Pieter Groenewald, CEO of Nfinity Media, about what it takes to to get in the game of the social media side hustle. 

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