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Weekend Breakfast with Refiloe Mpakanyane
06:00 - 10:00

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Weekend Breakfast with Refiloe Mpakanyane
06:00 - 10:00

Azania Mosaka

Azania Mosaka is a presenter on 702 each weekday.

Azania, who hails from Pimville in Soweto, studied for a BCom degree at Wits University before attending Vega School of Brand Communication. In addition to being a radio host, she is also a television presenter and MC with over a decade of broadcast experience.

Her radio career started when she joined Metro FM as a producer for Glen Lewis' show The Ride. She moved to 702 from Power FM where she hosted Power Lunch.

She has also presented a number of TV shows and performed a few stints as a judge on the third (2004) and fourth (2010) seasons of the reality competition Popstars. Viewers may also recognize her from the recent Cooking with Azania, on SABC3.

Outside of her media work, Azania owns and runs a Miss Salon London boutique grooming salon in Parkhurst.

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Find out more about Azania below:

Q: What's your pre-show routine? Ok, my routine before the show is that I’ll try and eat something. I pack lunch boxes, I mean look into my bag I have like two lunch boxes and one finished juice bottle. So, I’ll dig into at least one of those lunch boxes. On a good day, I’ll get through both lunch boxes and then after the show if I didn’t finish it, I’ll go back to the lunch box.

Q: What's your view on the radio producer and presenter Relationship? That producer and presenter relationship is so sacred. It’s like you’re driving and your producer is the navigator, you know. Maybe you’re even driving blindfolded so you need them, you need to trust them like what, what, what are we doing, where are we going?

Q: What's the best advice you've received? When I started in radio and I was accelerated to afternoon drive I had a mentor, his name was David Mashabela and there was the question about what kind of woman do you want to be on-air, the female voice? Are you going to be the girl that hangs out with the guys kinda woman or are you going to be the girls girl damsel in distress you know, and I thought why can’t I be me and the feedback that I got was that men don’t listen to women and women don’t listen to men, so you must shift, change yourself, manipulate yourself to fit into something that someone would listen to and I rejected that, I took a lot of offence to that and I told them I am going to be me, and my mentor who was my producer David Mashabela fully supported me, but I just hated the notion and the idea in radio that men don’t listen to women and women don’t listen to men and I just said to that.

Q: Dream Interview? Hello, I’m waiting to interview Michelle Obama. That female energy, that woman you just want to be around, that you want to bask in, want her close so maybe some of her shine will fall on you so you can also shine, you know, so, there’s something about her. There’s something, she’s a leader, she’s a mother, she’s a woman, she’s more than capable, she’s assertive, she’s grounded, and she’s beautiful and sophisticated and great style all at once. And you know what they say, if you want to be an Obama you must have a Michelle.

Q: What's on your Bucket List? Japan! Japan! Japan! Japan! I’m really want to go to Japan and then Cuba. It’s been Cuba but then Japan kind of frog jumped Cuba but yes, we’ll get there, Cuba and Japan.

Q: Your Fashion sense? When it comes to fashion, I don’t follow trends, what I do though is buy local. You can put some money on that and take it to the bank. I think it’s important that we help our industry to thrive, it’s not just about Heritage Day, you should be donning our local gear all the time.

Q: What irritates you? Littering, littering irritates me. I get so angry so quickly when I see people litter. It annoys me but then when I see the actual act I feel like rushing to you and saying but why, why, why?

Q: What's your dinner party etiquette? At a dinner party, I’m definitely a talker. Definitely. I want the conversation to be robust, I want the conversation to be fun, to go everywhere, like one minute it should be crazy and silly and the next minute it should be deep and reflective, and really just want to change the world and then the next minute maybe, yeah, dancing on the table, maybe. I’ve shut down dinner parties.

Watch the video interview below:

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