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SABC 8's Suna Venter talks about being shot

27 January 2017 6:00 PM

Senior producer Suna Venter who works at the SABC despite her challenging the public broadcaster describes her harrowing ordeal.

Suna Venter is one of the SABC 8, who were fired after they objected to the SABC’s editorial policy to not broadcast violent protests.

Two weekends ago Suna was on her way to collect take-out food close to home.

When I got back into the car, I put my handbag and the food in, and as I was getting into the car I just felt something slamming me from the back across the face.

Suna Venter, SABC senior producer

I slammed my door shut and drove off and stopped a while later to stop the blood flow and patch it up.

Suna Venter, SABC senior producer

Subsequently, she saw a doctor and was sent for CT scan which revealed foreign objects in her cheek. They found the remnants to be air-gun bullets.

The doctor said you were not hit, you were shot.

Suna Venter, SABC senior producer

While at first, she had thought it may have been a random criminal act, Suna realised just hours before the shooting she had submitted her final submission to Parliament as part of the SABC ad hoc inquiry.

Police said the action was not that of a random mugging or hijacking.

She says she has had an offer of private security from a loyal listener who has a security company and says she will make use it if she deems it necessary.

But for now, she wants to focus on doing her job well. And she believes the SABC is in a process of rebuilding.

Listen to Suna's harrowing story below:

27 January 2017 6:00 PM