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702 Music with Nonn Botha
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Watch Dr Eve chatting to Redi Tlhabi about Cyber Infidelity

17 July 2015 2:38 PM

Dr Eve joins Redi to lift the lid on South Africa's growing taste for Cyber Infidelity.

Infidelity has always posed one of the worst threats to relationships. But today, our digital prowess has led to a disturbing and as yet little understood new form of infidelity: cyber infidelity.

In Cyber Infidelity, renowed sexologist Dr Eve takes the first in-depth look at this new form of deception: people who deliberately communicate in secret through texts, chats, e-mails and dating sites, even though they are in a close real-life relationship.

Based on her groundbreaking research using the database of the international dating site, Dr Eve exposes this new seduction and the sometimes shocking impact of anonymous and affordable connection on modern-day marriages and relationships.


Female cyber infidelity is creating the groundswell we are seeing in the changing face of modern marriages and relationships. I feel the earth tremble with the many, many women who lie quivering in front of their laptops as they sex themselves up for an offline sexual encounter. With no expectation but a sexually satisfying time with a stranger who will fill a gap before they pick up their kids and go home to a happy marriage.

Dr Eve

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17 July 2015 2:38 PM